Tracking application performance on Heroku with Datadog

I thought about using a clickbait title – “You’ll never believe how this guy captures metrics!” – but decided that 99% of these are not worth the time invested in coming up with the catch title. So instead, I’ll simply talk about what I wanted to, and you be the judge of my title. Application […]

A Quick Drop Into Data Structures For A Minute

So here’s the story, from A to Z… Well, I’m not going to all the way to Z, but let me lay some details on you. At Datadog, we provide a nice interface for configuring the Datadog Agent – it’s usually pretty simple to drop some YAML configuration into a file at a specific location, […]

On the passage of time and learning

It’s been just over two years since I first wrote a little tool to help me visualize the relationships between objects in a particular system. I had been working as a consultant for a couple of companies, and I found that all exhibited similar problems of using a powerful system, creating ad-hoc relationships where needed, […]

A decade of writing this stuff? Seriously.

In tinkering with my blogging platform and playing with different technologies, I’ve just realized that I’ve been writing online for well over a decade now. It started a long time ago, when I was writing personal stuffs on a public Open Diary back in 1995, under an alias, which for the life of me, I […]

The Importance of Dependency Testing

Recently I revisited an Open Source project I started over a year ago. This tool is built to hook into a much larger framework (Chef), and leverages a bunch of code many other people have written, and produce a specific result that I was looking for. This subject is less about the tool itself, rather […]

The Ripple Effect of Choices

What choices do you make, and how to they affect your life? Thinking about it for a moment may help future choices.

My foray into web development

I like browsing the web. I do it a lot throughout my day. A lot of people work hard at making the web a cool-looking place. Some sites make simplicity look so easy, that when you look under the hood, it’s all chaos and destruction, folded and crunched together, all to present something really nice […]

A picture is worth a (few) thousand bytes

(Context alert: Know Chef. If you don’t, it’s seriously worth looking into for any level of infrastructure management.) TL;DR: I wrote a Knife plugin to visualize Chef Role dependencies. It’s here. Recently, I needed to sort out a large amount of roles and their dependencies, in order to simplify the lives of everyone using them. […]

Recruiting via LinkedIn – Don’t Do This!

I regularly get emails from recruiters all over the planet, telling me about their awesome new technology, latest and greatest ideas, and why I should work for them. Most get ignored. One came in this week that annoyed me, since it was from someone at a company that had sent me the exact same email six […]

Chatting with a robot

Here I am, sitting calmly, trying to figure out the reasoning for the universe, and I get a GChat notification that someone wants to chat with me. Here’s the transcript: 10:29:12 AM caitlyn ball: hi 10:29:17 AM miketheman: hi 10:29:24 AM caitlyn ball: hey whats up? 22/F here. you? is now known as caitlyn […]