Enough with the quizzes!

Ok, call me crazy, but I think after my last post, we can all agree that these damn quizzes have just about taken over our lives (and LJ’s to an extent).

Do they really reflect who we are? Is there any other purpose for them other than to have a few minutes of fun, and let everyone else know what kind of results you got? I mean, really, people, can’t we find something better to do with our time?

I am far from fault. Hell, look at my last post! I’ll leave it there, if just as a satirical warning to the rest of the universe. I mean, really, curse words and genitalia. Now, I don’t think the results are off, especially the first one, as I _was_ that kid once, and some of that is still with me. I can swear worse than an Irish sailor sometimes. But putting that up, now that’s a bit distasteful. I love distaste, and shy away from tact, and I roared with laughter when my results showed up. Do I have to show everyone else? Probably not.

Now that I’ve ranted along for a bit, I’m calmed down a bit more.

Due to the ongoing ranting of regarding Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” comic series, and due to the fact that and his brother are really in to it, AND that has them all, I’ve borrowed a few, to test the waters. Simply put, it’s intriguing. Disturbingly so, considering that the first time I saw Morpheus’ elder sister, Death, without her being introduced, I thought she was a great character, and had no idea what she represented. Just the attitude that brought her “onstage” was enough to keep me interested. Gaiman is a wonderful writer, and I’ve read other works of his, and being in comic form adds to the beauty of this world.

I will read the rest of them, if only to satisfy my own curiosity, and hopefully, I will discover ‘s passion for them.

Another thing, on Thursday morning, I made brownies. Now, I cheated a lot, because I was lazy πŸ™‚ I got some Duncan Hines brownie mix, and added a “special” ingredient. Trust me, if you’ve ever felt “special”, these do it much subtler and less harmful to your body than any other method. My advice: try it at least once, but only if you’re staying home, or somewhere and don’t plan on doing anything extremely taxing for about 8-10 hours.

Let me know if you want some. πŸ™‚