What boredom does to a man…

Well, I’m officially bored.

It seems like every time I’m bored to hell, I go out and get a new hobby of sorts.

A few days ago, I purchased a DIY Model Airplane kit, as can be seen here. It’s not complete, and requires extensive building.

I had to purchase a ton of more tools, devices, controls and what have you.

This is a gas-powered engine, remote controlled sing propeller airplane. helped me with some of the assembly, and it’s taking shape amazingly quickly. (It helps to have gobs of time on your hands, being unemployed and all.)

I am alos heading out of the city tomorrow morning with Ze’ev, a guy I met at the Hobby Shop, who’s been building and flying for a LONG time now, and he’s going to introduce me to flying. Yipee!!

I hope I don’t crash, as these things are tricky. Wish me luck.