It’s been a long time…

Since I spoke last.

These past few have been hectic at the best, and disastrous at the worst.

I begin to despair of finding a job. Even outside of my field, my options are limited.

No driver license, no driving job. Can’t work with food, esp. meat products.

CAN tackle just about any computer software/hardware/network/S.U.E. problem posed, it’s just a matter of tackling it.

Am I just getting despondent, or just depressed? I try to stay upbeat, but sometimes….

My sister, living on an agricultural moshav, has a head for organizing things. She set up a quickie job this week, entailing a few home PC check-ups, updates, problem solving and other stuff. I went down there and made some quick cash. It was nice, but kind of a burden, as I had to carry over 80 kilos of hardware, software and assorted other stuff down there in my backpack, to cover a lot of eventualities. I pulled it off, I did, but it seems kind of a burden for the simple man.

I’ve done these kind of jobs before, and am not beyond them, but I want something steady and solid.

I’m going to Greece on Tuesday for a week, to get away from everything and relax on the beaches of Mykonos, so I’ll be back after that is all said and done.

See y’all in a while!