Well, here I am in Greece…

I’ve been here for almost a week now, and I’d be lying if I’d say it hasn’t been an adventure.
Since the day we landed, it’s been more than hectic, and by now I think we’ve begun to grate on each other’s nerves.
We all got one big studio apartment in Platis Yialos, on Mykonos Island. It seemed like a logical choice for all of us on a restrictive budget, but I think we might have been better off with some degree of separation, some time alone.

It’s almost 10:00am on our last “day” here (tomorrow morning will be hectic with travel preparations) and I feel like that if I don’t DO something today, I’ll regret the whole thing. I mean, hell, I signed up for fun and relaxation, not worry, depression and angst. I think one of the factors is that we have a young couple with us, and the rest of us are subject to their issues.
What the hell.

I just wrote all that on my Palm Pilot, so my hand is tired.

Catch ya later.