Take two…..

What a wacky week and weekend.

When was the last time that you actually had fun for an extended period of time?
Last week was weird but fun.
Starting Saturday night, where Yos’s acting school threw a pre-Purim party which was wild and fun. Plenty to drink, good music fun people, and a great time. Went home at 3:30am
Anyways, Monday, no big deal. Off to work.
Humdrum day, and the company sponsors pizza for all! Yay!
Tuesday early, I have a game with Elon, in which he usually wins, but his day shall come. I’ve recently taken up playing squash again, and it’s been 3 years since last I played in the IAF. It’s a wonderful workout.
After the game, home and shower, and JJ comes by, and we headed out to my folks in Betar for a Purim festive feast. Plenty of alcohol, all around, and there were tons of people there, and we all had a great time. As the day drew to darkness, we (JJ an’ me) headed back to J’lem, to meet up with Yos&Iris, the dynamic duo, to head downtown to continue drinking, which we did at great length and quantity.
Downtown, the Stardust. A hole in the wall, packed to capacity, and a rap battle is going on inside, and there’s no room to breathe. Met Sarah and Ronen there, but no room to move. So we headed accross the street to the Praha, a Czech/Russian place, where we drank some more.
Eventually Sarah calls us and tells us that there’s room in the Stardaust, come on over! We do, grab our seats, and to our dismay, the only music playing is bad rap & hip-hop instead of the usual rock & metal we’re used to.
Order another round of drinks, and after a few more, the music improves. A mix of ’60’s to ’90’s rock and traditional Israeli folk music. So we dance, and sing (scream?) along with the tunes, and drink some more.
At about 4:00am we totter out into the pouring rain to head on home. Iris hadn’t drank all evening, so she drove. We got home, and sweet sleep. JJ spent the night on my couch.
Wednesday, just chilled, hung out and worked on clearing some HD space. Wednesday night, hang out and drink some more.
Thursday, back to work, where everything was a mess, and spent half the day fuming at issues. Thursday night, working overtime, the night manager ticks me off when she tries to get me to leave (territorial control freak). I stay until I’m done, and leave around 1:45am.
Friday morning, I have a game of squash versus Jeff from work, and we have a good hour and a half of games, until we’re both exhausted. Headed home, relaxed.
Friday night, the Dynamic Duo and I head downtown to Bohlinat for drinks.
Did I mention that I love tequila? Started off with a Tequila Sunrise, then moved on to Cuervo shots, and many of them. Nadav joined us, taking a break from his studies (physics? why??). Yos had some Absinthe to start woth, then the Duo had frozen margaritas.
We eventually tottered out at 3:00am to find a cab back to my place, where we commeneced to watch Jackass: the Movie. Iris fell asleep, and Yos’n’me had a lot of fun watching it drunk.
Finally, they decided to leave, and stumbled out. Apparently, the margaritas were too strong for Iris, and she passed out downstairs, twice. Yos freaked out, and called me, I got them a cab, and they made it home all right. Irirs was fine, except for a few bruises.
Saturday, noon, we all headed over to Iris’s folks for lunch, which is always fun. Had a nice time, relaxed, practiced juggling with Yos, and headed home to chill for the rest of the day.
What a fun-filled week!

I hope yours was just as eventful!


Monday, Bloody Monday…..

Ever have one of those days?

I’m sure you have.

Today was an interesting day for me, as I went to play squash with a good friend of mine, Elon. Now, I haven’t played squash in about 3 years, since my tenure in the IAF, and God knows I haven’t been particularly physically active.
So, woke up at the ungodly hour of 9:45AM, and grabbed a cab to the Hebrew U. Givat Ram campus to meet Elon there. Got there, and we went in, trying to get our court.
It turns out that I couldn’t pay for a one-time hour game, but I had to purchase a 4-game pass, which irked me to no end.
Finally, we got to our court, and “Game on!”. High paced, fast games, but I couldn’t score enough points to win a single game. We played a total of 5, in a complete hour, and some were close, but he took me down each time. I made him work hard, though.
After the game, we went and had a nice coffee at an on-campus cafe, and relaxed a bit.
Got home, went to work, the usual Monday crap, but not so bad.
Home now, feeling good, semi-happy, VERY sore. Need to stretch more.



Another day, another dollar, and the world spins on.
Last night a friend from work came over with his computer, to get some assistance installing a new motherboard. Doing that and installing a new OS took a while, but saving his data was a real bitch. He eventually left, leaving me to work on it until 6am. I’m still not done with it, but I’ll probably finish it soon.


PS- This is my first post using PocketLJ on my PalmVx, in a coffee shop called “Aroma” in Jerusalem.

Well, now, here I am!

Firstly, thanks a mil to baradrae for inviting me here.

Well, it’s a bright Sunday noon (morning?) and I’m at home in front of BAMF, trying to figure out why MiniBAMF is giving me trouble, and contemplating whether or not M$ is going to be the first Anachro-Capitalist organization, and should I get on board now?

This weekend was great. A friend drove us up to Ramla, where we hung out for a bit, switched cars and continued to Ra’anana, and we got a nice alternating 3-player Unreal Deathmatch going. (I HATE mice with balls! Give me a neutered one any day!) Obviously, I got totaled by the other two ganging up on me, because they knew every level by heart already, but it was fun trying to beat them at their own game. After two hours of that, we went out for some of the best pizza ever, Meter. Eventually, we got back, and the gangs started piling in, in droves. Plenty of alcohol, music, laughs (even a girl-on-girl wrestling match!!), and an all-around good time.
Time spent: 8 hours
Cash spent: 80 NIS
Worth every bit.

Anyways, my arms are sore from too much (not enough?) poi swinging, and I need to keep on, or else my arms’ll die.