Now for the normal news…

Well, now that the meme business is done for, and I’ve caught up on your lives, and commented on a bit of them, it’s time for my grand (or not so grand) update!

1.Today is my 27th consecutive smoke-free day. Many have tried to get me to quit over the past 17 years, and actually made it once for 9 months straight, and crumbled at the end of it. I tried the gum, and it tasted – literally – like chewing a mint-flavored ashtray. Quit that after 2 weeks.

2. Yesterday is also the first time I made a new type of brownies. My last kind was nice, but had a distinct taste and crunchiness that revealed the alteration. Thanks to a friend in TLV that got me a nice wok, and the wonderful people who saved seeds and twigs for me to use (they are useless anyways, and most people toss them out) in my preparation, the brownies are an awesome success. Last night I was on a nice buzz, unavailable in any other form.
One problem with brownies: When they kick in, you get munchies for something yummy. Only thing around: more brownies! Severe test in self-restraint, which also prevents overlong effect of brownies.

3. I have “joined” a spinning class. When I say joined – I mean that I attend two classes, on Monday and Thursday evening, after work, for about an hour long of strenuous exertion, in the form of a bicycle. For those unknowledgeable of the spinning ways, the time spent in the actual seat of the bike is minimal, however the pedals keep moving.
After my first class, I had the distinct impression (same as I did last year) that this was designed by vengeful women who want a man to feel what it’s like, being rammed hard and deep, continously. Pardon the vulgarism, but hey, that’s me.
After the second class, I learned what I did not know: Get riding pants! This is apparently a state-guarded secret, for those individuals who are able to hop off a bike at the end of the class and strut away as if they have never known what it is like to hop out of a second-story window onto a bike with no seat. Trust me, life improves with padding, and the riding pants I got are perfect in that aspect.

In any case, I’m looking forward to getting into better shape, feeling better about myself and (possibly!) getting a motorcycle.

Th-th-th-that’s all for now, f-f-f-f-f-folks!