Post #1 from Icon

Well, here I am, at the entrance of Icon in the Eshkol building, typing fast on borrowed computer time.

It’s been a LONG weekend, when I left the house on Friday afternoon to Tel Aviv, I wasn’t really sure what I had in mind.
I assisted in the general setup of Icon, even though I arrived nice and late, but I don’t think I minded that much. Then, I got picked up later that evening to head to a party in Haifa, a friend’s birthday. After partying hard for many hours, I got dumped back at Jax’s house to catch some Z’s.
Upon waking, spent the day lounging around and ate a nice relaxed lunch.
That evening, caught a ride to TLV, where the re-commencement of festivities continued. Oh, what a night!
Kept busy and hung around. Eventually slept inside the building, with people sparsely placed around in nooks and crannies. Go figure.
So now, I’m sleep deprived, and all wound up, and ready to start a new, exciting day!
Wish me luck!