An interesting weekend…

Well, this weekend, a lot has happened.
To start, Friday morning, came over to complete the final stages of restoring his laptop back to life. While he was doing this in the kitchen, I was working on ‘s laptop in my own room.
Later that day, two friends, and , arrived from Haifa to spend the weekend, and we all went on the wonderful adventure called “shopping for food”.
After we had successfully navigated that dungeon and made it home, we said goodbye to who headed out to ‘s for the weekend and I eventually went to sleep for a bit.
That night, I was called into action to head out to the line of fire at a friends’ party that I had committed to go to, and wasn’t really aware of the existence of anything beyond the reach of my nose at that point.
At this party, a friend who come in from Herzliya had brought a bottle of Black Absinthe that we then proceeded to drink some of, while passing others around. He was actually surprised that Yos and I would drink it. Our natural response was, “There ain’t nuthin’ too foul for me ta….” and then droned off into uncomprehensible syllables.
I eventaully fell asleep on their small, two-seater couch. Ouch.
Woke up a few hours later and moved to the larger 3-seater. Goody. About an hour later, I get up, futz around and eventually leave, with unprotected eyes against the blazing morning sun of Jerusalem. Why did today have to be such a clear day?
Anyways, I got home and got some more sleep. A couple hours later, I got up, had a nice conversation with my guests, who thankfully are able to keep themselves occupied, and left to another friend’s place for a day of chilli preparation and weird computer stuff.
Spent the day making wonderful chilli, server over rice, and eventually spending time talking to one of my friend’s beautiful rommates, who is in her first few weeks in Israel. A very intelligent person, well-versed in politics and other social-science types. Oh, did I mention that she’s good lookin’? Downside: She’s got a boyfriend. But I’m not sure what that whole story is, and I’m sure she’ll cue me in if there’s anything to be cued in for.
All in all, it’s been fun! I hope everyone else’s weekend has been as eventful and fun-filled!