New thingy for me

Well, thanks to a new friend, , I now have a little “When did I quit” on my user info page, as well as posting it here:

QuitMeter Counter courtesy of

This essentially counts time from a “when” until now, and calculates the difference.
Nice, and useful.
Since May. Whoa.

On another note, my show is going well, and some people have already come to see it (and by some people I mean a lot of people have come to see it, but not that many that I know).
I am looking forward to next week, as it looks promising in many ways.
1. Sunday night – after the show, probably going dancing with Shannon again.
2. Monday night – auditioning for a part in a Shakespearean play, being directed by: Shannon!
3. Tuesday night – another show. Chance to see Shannon.
4. Wedensday night – couples dancing with Shannon.
5. Thursday, Friday & Saturday – shows. Seeing Shannon more and more.
6. Sunday – callbacks from the auditions. Pretty sure I’m going to ace it, so it’s another chance to see Shannon!.

Now, to the untrained eye I have just rambled on, but to the more careful reader, I have been smitten. And yes, I feel like a puppy. Bring on the comments.
I really like this lady. She’s awesome in so many ways, yet so unpredictable, such a mystery. Despite the irregulatiy of it all, I haven’t spoken to her about this yet. The universe has shifted power zones, and it’s to the point that has a girlfriend, and I’m the miserable sot who bemoans his fate at home.
I must break this vicious cycle. The universe cannot overpower me! For I am the Master of Destiny!