Just some meanderings…

So over the weekend, I stopped by and ‘s place and we played games, and I learned a new one, and after Shabbat I managed to steal ‘s collapsible wireless Palm keyboard. It works quite well, and the setup was fairly easy. I’m actually writing this post on my Palm Pilot, and will post it via my cellular connection.
I’m at work, so this is kind of redundant, but it useful right now, as I’m catching up on a Sales presentation which was extrapolated from my own pre-Miluim presentation. It’s nowhere near as smooth, and each slide has become overloaded with text, which tends to bring the overall look down. It’s actually nice to see how much data the other guy has preserved and used, even though he butchered the voice-over notes that I had embedded inside the presentation. He added a lot of sales-related info, including definition of concepts that our software doesn’t even do, but it connects to. Argh.
On a different note, Shannon asked me last night if I wouldn’t rather spend the evening with the guys than with her. She apparently thought that because I didn’t call her immediately after Shabbat was out. But when we did get together, we walked for a long time and talked and had a nice time.
This morning I managed to catch her before she got on the plane, and she was overjoyed to hear from me, and a little surprised, I guess. So we said our farewells, and now it’ll be about a week before she returns.
On another note, using this Palm for longer entries is quite useful. I’m sitting in Aroma on Emek Refa’im and using this wonderful technological invention to bring these words to the world wide wasteland.
I just had a haircut, and I look spiffy, and I’m meeting a friend for some coffee.
So long for now, and until the next wireless encounter…