“Get outta my way, I’m trying to post here!”

Ok, so I’m sitting here in the Village Green, a nice restaurant downtown Jerusalem, waiting for my breakfast.
Why am I here, you ask? Why am I not at work? Well I’ll tell you.
Last night on my way home I stopped at the driving school that is accross the street from my house. Went in, sat down, and requested information regarding obtaining a driver’s license – for a motorcycle.
So they explained the procedure and the steps involved. They also sold me a study book to work on so I can take the written exam when ready.
This morning, instead of going to work, I went downtown, got my picture taken and a nice form detailing my info. Then I took this form across the street where I took a very basic eye exam that confirmed that I can see. Then to the next room where a doctor asked me to fill out a list of yes/no questions, then reviewed them and filled in another list of questions and then asked me simply – “Are you feeling well?” My response was apparently sufficient for him to pronounce me medically fit to drive a motorcycle.
After that paid luxury was over, I headed further into the city in search for a time killer until I have to be at my dentist’s appointment at 11.
So I fell in on the Village Green, had wonderful breakfast deal – only 32 NIS! – and here I am typing away on my Palm.
Wish me luck, and if all goes well, I could have a license in under a month! Getting a bike might pose a problem…..