So thanks to , I’ve installed “SphereXP”, which can be found here.
It’s a pretty interesting interface, as long as you’ve got the hardware to back it up and deal with the intricate workings.
So Tuesday night a couple of us from work went out for a company-sponsored dinner, as we are hosting one of the guys from the UK office, and might as well show him a good time.
We went to a small place downtown called “Fink”, which apparently has a buttload of history behind it, about 60-70 years of history. I found out that a good friend of mine tends the bar there, and they carry over 70 types of beer, each a great one with it’s strengths. Very into meat there, so my dinner choice was limited, but not bad at all.
We eventually poured ourselves out of there and I got some heavy sleep that night. So heavy that tried to wake me up, and was unsuccessful.
So Wednesday I got up with a mild headache, nothing serious, but exhausted. Muddled thru the day, and slept well last night.
Today’s been ok, I guess.
The weekend can begin! Tomorrow is my first motorcycle lesson!