Wow, that was fun!

So I just had my first motorcycle driving lesson.
I understand the craze, the rush, the feeling.
The instuctor drove us over to an open lot in Talpiot, where he commenced explainign the basics and all, and then let me start doing laps around the lot, making nice left turns all the way.
After a bit, he then showed me where to slalom around, and left me to have fun.
So I slalomed. And slalomed some more. Getting a feel for the bike, he then set me to make sharp left turns, and after a lot of that, set me to doing figure eights.
There’s the tricky bit. Keeping a tight figure eight without dropping your foot on the first lesson ain’t easy. It’s also difficult for me on the 50cc bike we were using, a my natural inclination in to clench my knees together, and the bik I was using had no main body, which was a little disconcerting.
All in all, it was fairly cold, and my next lesson I’ll still be on the small bike to practice my control and turns.
Now how do I tell Shannon that I’m driving a motorcycle?
On another note, a

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