Travel log

So here I am sitting on the top floor of Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, awaiting the arrival of a traveling companion who will accompany me to Tel Aviv, where we are already late for a Con organizatgional comittee meeting.
I realize that I shouldhaveleft earlier, but I was having a nice relaxed weekend, and I wasn’t too keen on doing anything strenuous. I mean after all, watching many movies in sequence is tough enough.
I’m wondering how this year will progress, as it started out pretty crappily with Miluim and all, and another person at work is leaving for a better company. He told me that he can’t believe that I’m still there.
With the addition of a motorcycle into my life, I hope the added mobility and the lower travel costs will justify its existence. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up getting a license, and no bike. Who knows what’ll happen?
The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.