What a day!

So yesterday Shannon got back from the USA, and she had a great interview at one of the schools she wants to go to, and had not such a great time with her family.
So last night we went out for some coffee and she got to vent, and I really felt bad that she had to have such a harrowing experience. Some people don’t deserve the heartache they get.
We spent some time together, and enjoyed each other’s presence.
So this morning at about 8:20 I get a call from the driving school and ask me if I can make a 9am driving lesson. I can, so I get ready, wear my boots, contact lens, sunglasses etc.
When I get there, I got to ride the scooter by myself, following the instructor to the practice lot. I drove thru traffic like it was nothing!
In the practice lot, however, it was a different story altogether. I spent the lesson trying to make figure eights in a very tight turn, which was not very easy, I assure you.
Well, as fate would have it, today was the day that it began raining sufficiently to cause me to have an incident on the lot.
The asphalt got extremely slick, and on one turn, when I was leaning a bit too far to my right, I suddenly felt the tires lose traction, and I bailed. I mean I really bailed. Jumped as far back as I could, and let the bike continue the extra meter. It was pretty slow, and nothing happened to me other than a bit more ragged nerves, and the bike was fine.
A little after that, we headed back home, as the lot was just too slick for practice purposes.
I gotta admit, I loved the feeling of driving around, feeling the rumble of a bike, and freezing my nadgers. 🙂

It’s been a long day, and it’s not over yet. Pizza should arrive soon, and then I’m off to better places and experiences.

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