So last night I dropped by the filksing over at ‘s and ‘s last night.
The list of attendees is fairly long, and most of you were there, so I needn’t enumerate.
At about 8pm yesterday, I had an idea rattling around in my head, and I decided to bring it to fruition and write the damned filk that I sang with some music backup.
Now, I’m by far no folk (or filk) expert. I come from the world of sex, drugs and rock & roll. (Yes, filkers, there is life beyond Buffy!) But I enjoy the rhythm and beat of rock & pop. So I took a song that had some promise, and completely ruined it. For those interested, it was Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” which I murdered and made “I Did Drink Blood”. I believe that and both recorded it – you guys – I want copies!
After that atrocity was committed, I managed to drag out to the balcony where we proceeded to filk around on the spot to the tune of Mr. Big’s “To Be With You”. Needless to say, that was received with the lack of respect it deserved. So now, and I have done this twice, and will probably commit musical murder again.
Then, hanging out in the kitchen, and I began murdering “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid” from “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”. It was quite quaint and terrible, as filk should be.
If anyone wants any of the lyrics, drop me a line, and I’ll post them.
Cut for obvious reasons –
On the way out of the building, was sitting outside with some other person who apparently believes that I am the cause for her not coming to any kind of organizational gathering. I don’t have what she called “Fannish Spirit”, and went on about how boys just ignore her.
It was a little disturbing. The amount of subsurface hostility was evident, and I tried to just shrug it off. Well, people are people, and a lot of people just don’t have the people skills required for healthy human interaction.

So today I had a driving lesson early in the morning, and I drove the 50cc bike out to the lot, and the instructor decided it was time for me to get used to the real hog. The Yamaha XT 500cc, a nice heavy bike, modded for instruction purposes, at my disposal. A bit different from the scooter I had been driving. A LOT bigger, and WAAAAAY more powerful. Big difference – 5-gearshift, clutch, and the rear brakes are on the right foot.
He got on behind me, and had his own handles for clutch and brakes (mods). So we circled the lot a bit, so I could get a fell for the whole thing, and then he let me off on my own with this machine of power.
So, cruising around the lot, that was cool. But there was this religious dude who had no clue how to control a bike, or even some basic rules of practice lot conduct such as which direction NOT to go. Now admittedly, I made a bad call trying to circle by him on his right side while he was just standing there, but then he started rolling backwards towards my line of approach. I wavered, and the bike spilled and I bailed. No harm, no foul, but I was pissed at him. My instructor said that I have to be aware of potential situations and decide the best way to prevent any kind of danger. Didn’t matter, I was still a bit pissed.
I need a lot of work on the clutch, and even more on the amount of accelerator that I need to use to begin an uphill climb after a downhill coast, and don’t even get me started on gear shifting which hasn’t been introduced yet. All in good time.

After that, I made it home, did a touch of shopping, and then headed out into the Colony. While strolling to tons of good iPod-based tunes, I also called Shannon, and we met and went over to her folks’ place to water their plants while they’re away. After that, we went for some coffee, and then I walked her back home. All in all, it’s been a fairly good day.

Now I’m going to sink myself into some studying – driving theory – in hopes that I will take the test Sunday morning, pass, and then have some more driving lessons later that day.
If I’m good, and do well, feasibly I could have a license by the end of the week. The all I have to do is get a raise from work, and secure a loan from the bank and buy my own bike.
People of Jerusalem – beware!
Mike The Man will rule the streets again!