So Wednesday night we went dancing for hours on end, and she’s really happy that I’m picking up the dances.
It’s loads of fun, and I completely wore out my legs and lungs doing some really fast stuff, which she loved.
After that, we headed over downtown to a little karaoke bar where we came to celebrate our dear friend Jane’s birthday. After lots of drink and merriment, we headed back, and I got dropped off.
I feel really bad for her, as she won’t be hearing back from her scools yet, and she’s agonizing about it. Truth told, I am kind of agonizing a bit too.
The uncertainty factor in what will happen over the next 3 years is pretty big, especially when it might mean that someone very important in your life would be leaving for that long. I don’t really know how I feel about that. Something to contemplate.
Anyhow, last night and dropped in, and we spent some time chatting and laughing.
She came over, and we retired to my room to watch Pirates of the Carribean, which I promptly fell asleep during, but she enjoyed it (again) and it was nice and mindless.
Here at work, I write these lines, and leaving in a moment to head home. I hope you all can relax this weekend, for next week I hope to finally finish this motorcycle license nonsense. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!