Day 3 of the new exciting grind!

So today will be my third day of my new exciting job in Lod.
The last two days and the next couple are comprised of my training period, where the complete and utter onslaught of information is a little daunting, but not overwhelming just yet. (It’s only whelming, not overwhelming???!)
Today I go to see about a loan for a bike, and hopefully, if all goes well, the Friday I might already have a noise-making, smoke-belching, pedestrian-killing, track-making hawg. Sounds great, don’t it?
I’m meeting Shannon in a bit for a nice morning cup of coffee – trying to find time to see her before she’s gone for the summer. Once I have mine own transportation, my hours are a mite more flexible. Especially when my direct boss is the one who called me to offer me the job, also a good friend, and an understanding one at that. Turns out both he and Shannon are “graduating” their B.A. ceremony two days apart.
I feel a little left out, academically. It seems like everyone is either in university, on their way to it, or post-university.
Am I one of the last self-made men?