So here it is…

Ok, it’s been a bit, and I’m over due, yet again, for an update.

The aftermath of my skid is still apparent, and hurts a lot. Ugh. It will pass, and the only thing it’s really preventing me from doing is dancing – and I don’t have any of that scheduled right now.
Last night, I went to see a farewell show for the director/producer of many theatrical endeavors at the Merkaz, and it was a lot of fun seeing a bunch of friend stand up and perform different bits of past performances, sometimes in slightly different ways.
It was also fun seeing the crowd again, and I feel that an era has passed.

At work, I have thrown myself deep in to getting things done, insofar that I have retaught myself what little SQL I knew, learned more, wrote some code in Visual Basic (which I also don’t know) and managed to build a working macro to make life a little easier. A great sense of accomplishment, especially since I am not a programmer! Take that, Computer Science junkies!

I’ve discovered the world of podcasts, and have some on the new version of iTunes, and they are a nice addition to the background noise at work. The concept is pretty cool, and I think I’d like to talk to a friend of mine into recording a show once a week and having my own podcast sometime. Who knows, it might even interest someone.

Other than that stuff, not a lot is new, trying to keep my head above the proverbial water, and to try to have a good time now and then.

Enjoy life while you have it.