Finally, an event for Real Anglos!

Have you ever visited a fan-related convention in a foreign country, where you didn’t understand the local language as much as you’d like?
Have you ever wondered what everyone else is yelling around you, but couldn’t get past that first garbled word?
Have you ever sat at a table, drinking coffee, wondering how to start a conversation, but couldn’t because you don’t know the local words for, “Hey, what’s that poking out of your ear?”

Well then, regardless of your answers to the questions above, this event is for you!
Yours truly will be sitting (and hopefully speaking) on an English-speaking panel during Icon, alongside Ilan Eshkoli, Raz Greenberg (both of local fandom) and a couple of foreign guests – Roger Nygard and Robert Burnett, and of course, how could I forget, our wonderful panel moderator, !!

It should be one hell of a panel, so check out the details at the link here:
and I’m counting on seeing you there!