Sickness and whatnot

So I’ve been feeling under the weather lately.
After much urging by many parties, I finally went to the doctor today.
I don’t have a regular doctor, but I got recommended to approach a Terem Medical center, which I did.
From the initial examination, the doc is pretty sure that I have acute tonsillitis, which was something different than what I thought it was.
The kicker is that beyond that, the main problem I seem to have is that I have all the identifiers of mono! I mean, me! Mono! WTF!!
Now, reading up on this, it seems that it can be spread through coughing, and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I hope I didn’t start what will be know for years to come: “The Mono Epedemic of ’05”
I also kind of want to know where I got it from, just so that I can have someone to hunt down and kill when I feel up to it.

So this week will be spent lazing around and trying to keep from shooting myself. The debilitating fatigue is the worst.
Wish me luck!