Weekend update of my annoying continuation of existence

Friday morning, drove me to my doctor’s and left me there, as arranged.
I saw the doc, and she confirmed the results of the tests. 1. Infections Mono 2. Strep throat and 3. Tonsillitis.
Yes, I don’t do things by halves.
The night before, Joe had come over and made a really good soup/stew comprised of a lot of stuff lying around the house and mixed it all up and it was good.
When I got back from the doc, my lovely lady was waiting for me, and she made a really good vegetable salad with carrots, peas, potatoes and eggs. Mmmm. Very nourishing.
We also spent some time together and it was nice to see her. It’s always nice to see her.
I’m still waking up at odd hours in a cold sweat, I’m told that this is the fever that I’m suppressing with pills working its way out. It’s not pleasant waking up in a pool of your own stinky sweat. The only thing you can really do is grab a towel and run for the shower, and hope that I don’t kill anyone on the way there.
Anyways, it’s late at night, and I’m going to grab a last bit of something and some magnesium for muscle relief and see where that sends me.
See you on the morrow, when I begin another week or R&R at home.