Day 7 of the ongoing chatter about my misery

So today proved a little better than the past few, inasmuch I slept a bit better than I have done until now.
I also ventured out into the world for a walk along Emek, and dined my lunch while reading the beginning of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. The introductions are fairly lengthy, and I have yet to actually read any war philosophies, but the background information presented is extensive and informative. After lunch, I moseyed along to a DIY place and picked up a drill bit I needed, and walked home.
At home, I decided now that I had the drill bit, I would complete a project that I’ve wanted to do.
In a small niche in our living room, I had stacked all manner of crap. I cleared it out, and put 5 hooks on the wall, and made a nice little corner for my helmets, jackets and gloves, as well as some of my other riding gear. It turned out really impressive and it looks a lot more orderly than before. The sense of accomplishment attained by the simple small things far outweighs the complexity of my job.
Ah, a nice note to sleep on.