Give it up for the Labyrinth!

Ok, you’re probably wondering what I am babbling about – again.
If you’re in Israel, you know that the weather has turned a little freaky over the past couple of days. If you’re not in Israel, then know this: Thunder, lightning, rain, winds are a bitch.
Yesterday’s forecast showed a “partly cloudy”, so naturally I suited up and rode to work. On the way I met with unseen forces that were semi-physical in their nature and they tried to change my course with the brute force of their attack.
Having arrived at my destination in one piece, I laughed at nature for trying to get me and failing.
Not a good idea. Y’see, when you laugh at nature, nature has a way of making you pay for it.
Throughout the day, winds increased until they reached a whopping 40km wind speed. Imagine that – walking along and a big invisible, mostly intangible, force hits you at 40km/h. Not fun.
Now try driving at 90-100km/h knowing that this force can strike at any time from any direction.
And then it does.

For anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle, motorcycle or even a unicycle, you know that balance is key. Our body contains a mini-gyroscope that is capable of automatically determining the miniature shifts in weight, which keeps you vertical on a moving object.
This gyroscope is inside our ear, and is called the “Labyrinth“. Without that, I’d be a big ol’ pile of roadkill, waiting for some other redneck to come along with a wrench and a spatula.
Not a pretty picture.

So today I’m going to ride into work with a co-worker. He mentioned that yesterday his car felt kind of wobbly, as these winds have done some serious damage to much larger vehicles. I guess he wants me there as extra ballast. 🙂

Have a good day, and don’t fly off. Eat something, you anorexic people! Those with weight shall stay on the ground, while those skinny people will be blowing in the wind.