Almost three years

Almost a full three years passed since, and still it’s weird.
I’m kind of wondering what else is going to happen.

To those who are older than three years of age, and have known me for that long, know that I was dating someone over three years ago and it ended a bit badly (for a given value of “bit”).
In any case, about a month later, I opened this online rag where I began to spew forth my words to whomever cared, as I most certainly didn’t.

Fast forward two years.

I was dating another lady, I’m sure you all know her, and it all came to an end six months ago.

Now, I am dating a lovely woman, and I go to the first night of rehearsals for a new show that I’ve been cast in.

Ex from 2003 is there. Ex from 2005 is directing (but I knew that. I’ve already come to terms with all that). Now I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen next. Will some other skeleton from the past come out and surprise me?

In any case, all that strangeness aside, it was a good rehearsal and it’s a wonderfully hilarious show.
You must come see it. I’ll post show dates soon, so keep your pencils sharpened.

Hope your life isn’t as weird as mine!