Not exactly the 4th of July, but….

So the larger part of yesterday was spent in the the saddle, traversing a large part of the central areas of Israel.
This is all in anticipation of a biker’s day activity that Dan & I are trying to put together.
It wasn’t as much fun for , who received the bad end of the deal being tossed around a lot for hours on end.

This Independence Day promises much fun and craziness – between a party at some friend’s place the night of, to a company picnic the day of, to another rehearsal the night after. I have already been invited to about 5 other events which I’m contemplating, but we’ll see. A friend is also putting together a BBQ of her own, so maybe I’ll drop by after the company party.
This day brings on mixed feelings.

Yes, it’s great that the Jewish people have a place to live. I wonder if the Palestinians have an Independence day too? So we fight, bleed and die to get this land, and 50-odd years later, “You want a piece (intended pun!)? Have some!”
And let’s not even go to the barbecue subject. Everyone seems to think that if you can cover the landscape with smoke and smell of burnt cow-flesh, then you have done your patriotic duty.
Well, what about us !@#$ed vegetarians, eh? Maybe I don’t like my clothes smelling like I was caught in a burning farm with 3 angry cows.

In any case, we shall see what the new celebration brings and rejoice that my rented house, the one I pay tons of rent and Arnona fees that is more than reasonable, is under Israeli rule. Yipee.
Cue: “Send In the Clowns”

Peace, I’m out.