“It’s too early.” -Mike

So today has been a long day.
It started out with ‘s and ‘s son finally acquiring a long name, one that he’ll have to grow into, eventually. The bris itself was great, and the ol’ pack got together and we sat around and chatted and such. It’s like sneak preview of what’s to come when and then & get hitched. Much fun to be had by all.

At work I suffered a defeat, as I had to pull it together and finally admit to myself, and then to my boss, that I couldn’t complete a major task within the scheduled time frame, after battling it for over a day and a half. To those that know my style, know I rarely give up, and I know that if I had just another day or two to spend on the problem, I’d be able to figure it out. Instead, I suggested to my boss that we bring in an outside consultant to help out with it, and after understanding the other options, he agreed.

I hate not being able to conquer something technological.
Technology was made by humans, some of whom I am smarter than, and technology is supposed to help us accomplish what we set out to do, in a more efficient manner than without. But when delving into a monster system, which is highly customizable, down to the last little checkbox – that affects everything else, it can get a little hairy at times. Chalk one up to the boys a M$ for making it too hard.

In other news, if you are in Israel and have a GPS receiver of sorts, and something to connect it to, check out www.freemap.co.il. It’s a cool open source project that is built on collecting data by people using their GPS devices and then uploading the data to their server, having the data edited, modified and verified by anyone who can, and then downloading the updated map to your device, to assist you in navigating to your next destination.
I think it’s a cool idea. Giving the power of knowledge back to the masses.

Anyways, I’m going to sleep soon.