Another take on a not-so-old idea

So I’m reading the official Google blog and I come across a link and an article about award money for making a movie.
Apparently, to promote ingenuity, they are offering cash for making cool videos.
So I check out what they’re saying and see this.

Now, I’m trying to figure out, how do I take something someone else came up with and make it bigger and better and make money off it? I mean, is seems to have worked quite well for big ol’ Billy boy, so I want a cut of the action too. If you come up with a cool idea, don’t tell me the idea. let me know about the idea once it’s public, and gets lots of exposure, so then I can rip it off and make something artistic about it.
Oh, and make some money.

And then, I find a cool new thingie happening over at Boeing. Now, consider the application of this kind of system on light, low-flying aircraft. And then have that aircraft fly somethwere close to an experiment area like the one in the abovementioned clip. I’d like to see some Air-to-ground lights display and I’d really love to be watching the news the next morning and hear how the newsanchors try to spin this ridiculous tale of mishap into something about terrorism.

And then I come accross this article that makes me wonder a bit.
The compnay involved has a suspicuosly familiar name – anyone who saw T2 might remember – and he’s calling the thing “HAL“!!!
So, what’s going to happen is that this thing is version 1.0, and the next one might be a “smart” one with a small CPU and some AI programming to keep it going. Then they’re going to develop a larger skeleton, give it a brain and name it version T-100. And you all know how the story ends, don’t you?
They send one back to the past and make it governor of California! Wait a minute…..