Fun with XHTML, CSS and much, much more!

So I’ve upgraded the blog to WP 2.1, and that came with it’s own set of headaches and incompatibilities.

Some of you may have seen the site when it was stuck with an alternate theme for a bit, but it’s OK now, Timmy. Everything’s going to be just fine. Just calm down, and put down the meat cleaver, and we’ll all talk about what to do when open source software that you use absoluetly free of charge stops working, and you want results NOW NOW NOW…..

So I spent some time snooping around and getting updates, and reading more and more on what’s going on and how things can be done, and it seems that anyone with about an hour on their hands could do this too.

But I bet none of them could do the heavy digging into code on their own, like I do.

So there.

Oh, and yeah – I’ve updated my Blog Tech page with all the links and versions of what I’m using.