D00d, I’m in NYC!

OMG, where to start?

Well, this has sure been a fairly eventful week or so. OK – first things first.

Thursday night’s party was awesome – so thank you everyone for coming and partying with us! Over 60 people came through my door and I think just about everyone had a good time. Much booze was consumed, and thanks to Dan’s predictive abilities, we had exactly 2 bagels left over the next morning (which were promptly consumed).

Thanks a mil to Alter & Naomi for Friday night’s dinner (and also to Josh for organizing it, and Shawn & Yaffa for being there to tolerate me one last time).

Thanks a TON to Ruth, who got up in the middle of the night and drove me to the airport.

My flight was thankfully uneventful – I caught up on a few episodes of “The Inside”, slept some, ate some cookies that Batsheva had sent over on Friday afternoon (YUM!), slept some more, ate terrible airline food, and had some fun conversations with my seat-mates.

I got picked up from the airport by my aunt & cousin, and they drove me back to Manhattan. The traffic is horrible – I’m resolved to try and stay on public transport for as long as possible. I’m still unsure which is the more cost-effective MetroCard to get – the pay-per-ride for $2/each or a weekly/monthly? I guess it depends on whether or not I’m planning on more than two rides a day – any advice?

So I’ve spent a couple days recuperating and trying to get on track. Got most of my stuff folded & put away – still a little more to deal with before I have a clean living room.

Last night, I made it to “Avenue Q” on Broadway, and it was a hoot. Little advice: you can get Box Office tickets for about $48 in the Rear Mezzanine, or add another $10 over at TKTS and get much more superb seats. It was a lot of fun, and I’d go see it again anytime.

After I had gotten my ticket at the window, I kept hearing screaming from somewhere around the corner – like you would typically hear from people riding a roller coaster. After further investigation, I found that a parking lot around the corner of 8th & W45th had been cleared for a promotional event for the TV show “Mindfreak” – Crisss Angel’s reality TV showing his magic. So there’s a new season starting, and he had this event to promote it.
– This is where Criss was suspended in a glass & cement cage, 100 feet over the street. He had 24 hours to release himself from the cage before it plummeted to the ground.
– A large picture of himself

– These I took after I came out of Avenue Q – and he was making a little hole in the side of the box and shoved his shackles out the hole, where they clattered to the ground.

Now, I’ve seen my fair share of magicians, and one thing I knew – he wasn’t going to show until zero hour, when they release the box and it shatters. That part was obvious. Releasing himself from shackles? Pshaw. Any good performance magician that can’t do that will have a short career indeed.

What was interesting is how he managed to escape the box hanging in the air – at what point did that happen? Was there a point in the night where some light came on for a moment, temporarily blinding everyone? Did he leave via another method? This is the question.

Ah well, I won’t lose any sleep over this. He’s a good entertainer, but he thrives on the “bad, freaky boy” look and it’s getting old fast.