Weigh, Hey & Up She Rises!

So last night I went to see/hear a a band in a bar.

Now, you may ask – “What’s so special about that? Band play in bars all the time!”

Well, this one was a little different.

The band – Scythian – are a lively bunch of young guys from DC, who apparently like to have a good time, while playing a mix of what you’d normally see in a rock band – and what you weren’t expecting, like a couple of fiddles, an accordion and even a ukulele.

They played three consecutive sets (I only stayed for two) and they put a whole lot of energy into the room. At one point, one guy comes down and dances the length of the bar while playing a fiddle. They played a lot of variations on traditional Iris and Scottish tunes – including the ole fave – Drunken Sailor! My cousin and her friend were a little amazed that I actually knew the words, and that I knew more verses than the band played.

The venue for their monthly show – Stout NYC – leaves a bit to be desired. It got VERY crowded very fast, and there’s just not enough room for people to finish a drink and then make it up to the bar and get back to their friends. And I think the sound guy may have had it in for everyone there, as when I left, it took a good twenty minutes to regain some semblance of hearing. So turn it down just a notch! But other then that, it was a great layout for this kind of performance.

The band played on a little balcony above the bar – in full view for almost any angle. They seemed to be having a good time, as did most of the crowd. So it was a good time had by all, and a merry night ’twas indeed.

I’m planning on seeing their next performance in NYC on Oct20th same place, you’re welcome to join me.