Road Tripping, Day 1

So Elyssa and I decided to go on a road trip.

More like Elyssa decided, and I agreed, but you see what I mean.

I got on a bus to meet her in NJ, and made it by running out to the bus as it had already pulled away from the station at Port Authority, so I guess since there were 4 other people on the bus, he waited for me.

Arrived in NJ, got in the car, and headed inland. I ended up dozing for about 20 minutes or so, and then a huge billboard told us about Roadside America, and we decided we HAD to stop in and see it.

It was run by a couple that had to be a million years old, and was nice and quaint, and we were told to sit down at some point to experience the “presentation”. It was very much “God Bless America”, and heavy on the religion-side of things.

Afterwards, decided to sample the local fare at Blue Mountain Restaurant. I have to say, the service was nice and friendly, the food was average. And we were the youngest people there by about 200 years.

Back on the road, I asked the Book of the Faces to suggest things in Pittsburgh, as this was our first destination.

Got some good suggestions, a lot of people telling me to sample Primanti brothers. Maybe forgetting that I’m vegetarian, but we tried anyways. They were closed, and instead we walked around, and ultimately found something delicious – the Bigelow Grille. Organic, delicious, many choices for vegetarians.

While there, pulled out the laptop and found a hotel with Priceline – never had used that before. Found a hotel really close for a low price, and drove right in for the night.