Video Testing

This page is meant to be a placeholder for testing an embedded video solution.

Let’s see how it goes.

Future event, Free

Dated not today, will NOT automatically go live at the launch time – someone has to press “Go On Air” to enable the feed. You can upload teaser videos and such, didn’t try that.
Asks for pre-registration/booking, even for free events, for social integration and viewership testing.

Marketing hashtags, twitter integration right in the player – seems nice. Player handles the fullscreen, other integration of whatever we want to allow/disallow there is a whole other shebang.


First off, a link to a future event. Could be a button, or whatever. LINK TO THE FUTURE

Pros: social networking integration, hashtags, all that crap. Offloads spike traffic to them instead of concerning ourselves with our own hosting. Supports some theming.
Mobile site is much ‘cleaner’ and responsive than Embed (below). However, that might be my crappy theme here. 🙂

Cons: Loss of “staying on the site”, less flexible, not as thematic, any links on the event page load in same window, taking you away from the action, instead of opening in a new page.
Can be subdomain branded with something like


Next, a video embed, using an iframe tag.

Pros: You stay on the site, we can size/theme embeds as much as we want.

Future event, paid


Cost is $7.00, where we eat the fee of $1.17 service fee (calculated as is 2.5% ($0.175) + $0.99), leaving us with $5.83. We can also pass the service fee back to the purchaser, so we only incur credit card charges.

Credit charges are currently unclear. Roughly assumed at “Regular payment fees of 2.9% + $0.29 still apply.”

So if we take 5.83 as the “fee” and remove 2.9% : 5.83-((5.83*0.029)+0.29) = We would get $5.37 for a given event, which is 76% of list price.


This also has a social discount of 30% set – we can configure this from 10-100% as desired for further viral share/signups. “Share if you care!” Don’t know if the initial rounds should be discounted or not.

Past event, pay per view.

Here’s a video from Vimeo, archived, that you can ‘rent’ for a price. There’s a bunch of gobbledygook around rentals, how long, subscription, etc – I know HH was looking at video archives etc.

Embed is javascript, not an iframe. Dunno if that matters much, but something to be aware of.

Cost is set at $7.00.


Coupons are a complex beast – codes are autogenerated, and downloaded as CSVs. There’s a bunch of controls around how many per user, how much, how long, etc. Moire on that is visible and probably makes sense to Other People In The Know.

Here’s a few to test with.

4a24Vavc – used by Mike, see how it behaves in other scenarios

Bundles, Passes

This is more complex than a pay-per-view event, and may requires some more development/research.
It also requires the Cleeng Pro level of service, which runs $99/mo (billed anually, otherwise $119-month-to-month).

Reference here:

It is stated that with upgrading to Pro, we would also benefit from further savings in Service Fees, resulting in: “You keep up to 92% of what you sell. And when we say 92%, we mean 92% because this amount truly includes all payments fees.”

So this may be attractive, especially if are considering residual sales throughout the year, and would benefit from a lower per-transaction cost.