Monday, Bloody Monday…..

Ever have one of those days?

I’m sure you have.

Today was an interesting day for me, as I went to play squash with a good friend of mine, Elon. Now, I haven’t played squash in about 3 years, since my tenure in the IAF, and God knows I haven’t been particularly physically active.
So, woke up at the ungodly hour of 9:45AM, and grabbed a cab to the Hebrew U. Givat Ram campus to meet Elon there. Got there, and we went in, trying to get our court.
It turns out that I couldn’t pay for a one-time hour game, but I had to purchase a 4-game pass, which irked me to no end.
Finally, we got to our court, and “Game on!”. High paced, fast games, but I couldn’t score enough points to win a single game. We played a total of 5, in a complete hour, and some were close, but he took me down each time. I made him work hard, though.
After the game, we went and had a nice coffee at an on-campus cafe, and relaxed a bit.
Got home, went to work, the usual Monday crap, but not so bad.
Home now, feeling good, semi-happy, VERY sore. Need to stretch more.