Well, THAT was fun!

This weekend has been pretty nice to me.
A crappy week at work, which ended in a late Friday (6:30am – 8:45pm) with pizza at the office.
Friday, slept a lot, missed the morning rain.
At about 12:30, put on my iPod, shades, and headed down Emek, looking for brewing materials at the local hardware store.
Got some decent equipment for fairly cheap, but not everything I need. Hardware store guy advised to head around the Shuk and find more stuff there.
Will do next Friday.
In the meantime, I’ve finished polishing and bottling my first batch of “Hey, It Ain’t Urine!” alcoholic beverage. Alternate names are gladly accepted.
This is a lemony, high alcohol content drink, made in one week, and packs a nice punch. A deep yellow color accompanies this citric wonder, hence the name.
So, coming home from the hardware store, I stopped at the grocey store for more ingredients. Ran into Noa, who gladly filled me in on her current sex life fantasies, now that she’s in Nurses’ school, and has the tight-fitting white unfiorm and curvy…..
Right. I also ran into Leora, a former roomate of another frined’s, who we were both going to eat Shabbat dinner at. It had just finished the major downpour, and we came back to my place to sit and schmooze for the rest of the afternoon.
She’s a stunning beauty of a woman, in a compact package full of energy. She styles herself as neurotic and always tense. I think she just won’t let herself relax. The entire afternoon we sat and talked and drank. She wasn’t stressed out at all. Maybe it’s the other people. Anyways, she has a boyfriend, and even though he’s somewhere in China now teaching English, and she’s here, and they aren’t going to see each other for a few years, she’s ok with that. I don’t get it.
Why are all the good ones taken? If only…
I need to find that someone who “gets” me like I “get” them. Ebay?

An interesting weekend…

Well, this weekend, a lot has happened.
To start, Friday morning, came over to complete the final stages of restoring his laptop back to life. While he was doing this in the kitchen, I was working on ‘s laptop in my own room.
Later that day, two friends, and , arrived from Haifa to spend the weekend, and we all went on the wonderful adventure called “shopping for food”.
After we had successfully navigated that dungeon and made it home, we said goodbye to who headed out to ‘s for the weekend and I eventually went to sleep for a bit.
That night, I was called into action to head out to the line of fire at a friends’ party that I had committed to go to, and wasn’t really aware of the existence of anything beyond the reach of my nose at that point.
At this party, a friend who come in from Herzliya had brought a bottle of Black Absinthe that we then proceeded to drink some of, while passing others around. He was actually surprised that Yos and I would drink it. Our natural response was, “There ain’t nuthin’ too foul for me ta….” and then droned off into uncomprehensible syllables.
I eventaully fell asleep on their small, two-seater couch. Ouch.
Woke up a few hours later and moved to the larger 3-seater. Goody. About an hour later, I get up, futz around and eventually leave, with unprotected eyes against the blazing morning sun of Jerusalem. Why did today have to be such a clear day?
Anyways, I got home and got some more sleep. A couple hours later, I got up, had a nice conversation with my guests, who thankfully are able to keep themselves occupied, and left to another friend’s place for a day of chilli preparation and weird computer stuff.
Spent the day making wonderful chilli, server over rice, and eventually spending time talking to one of my friend’s beautiful rommates, who is in her first few weeks in Israel. A very intelligent person, well-versed in politics and other social-science types. Oh, did I mention that she’s good lookin’? Downside: She’s got a boyfriend. But I’m not sure what that whole story is, and I’m sure she’ll cue me in if there’s anything to be cued in for.
All in all, it’s been fun! I hope everyone else’s weekend has been as eventful and fun-filled!

Ok, now this is a tough call.

I’m reviewing the site for Worldcon 2005, to be held in Glasgow, August ’05.
Registration price is $170 for the entire shebang, which I can actually split into payments, if I register now.
I alos jsut spoke to a friend, a travel agent, who actually sent to Boston’s Worldcon for a decent price, and he is of the opinion that there will be better prices a bit closer to August, but it shouldn’t be more than about $400.
Now, I don’t know how much the hotels will cost, but I can be sure it won’t be cheap.
So it’s a long-term concept dream, and who knows what will happen by then.

Oh what a night!

Late December back in ’63….
Don’t sit at home and wait for your friends to call to pick you up and NOT go to the bathroom.
They called about an hour late, and I had to take a leak. So I didn’t.
Now, after walking around downtown, drinking a couple liters at the bar, eating some fries at the bar, then riding over to my frined’s place, drinking some more, smokin’ some weed, watching some tv, heading home, and LOTS of laughter, I finally took a leak.
Felt like releasing the waters of the Gihon dam a second before they overflowed on theri own.
Just had to metnion it.

Ok, mid-day…

… Yet again, I’m stealing comp time from the Con. 🙂
It’s been a hectic, yet oddly not as buggy day that I thought it would be.
I have a great team of well-trained semi-professionals that keep the ball rolling fairly smoothly.
On the downside, my back is completely shot to hell, so anyone with any ideas?

Post #1 from Icon

Well, here I am, at the entrance of Icon in the Eshkol building, typing fast on borrowed computer time.

It’s been a LONG weekend, when I left the house on Friday afternoon to Tel Aviv, I wasn’t really sure what I had in mind.
I assisted in the general setup of Icon, even though I arrived nice and late, but I don’t think I minded that much. Then, I got picked up later that evening to head to a party in Haifa, a friend’s birthday. After partying hard for many hours, I got dumped back at Jax’s house to catch some Z’s.
Upon waking, spent the day lounging around and ate a nice relaxed lunch.
That evening, caught a ride to TLV, where the re-commencement of festivities continued. Oh, what a night!
Kept busy and hung around. Eventually slept inside the building, with people sparsely placed around in nooks and crannies. Go figure.
So now, I’m sleep deprived, and all wound up, and ready to start a new, exciting day!
Wish me luck!