It’s been AGES since I’ve updated this thing.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to get into this right NOW, or to wait for a more auspicious time.

Ah, what the hell.

When was my last post?
{run activity-lookup}
Sep18th was the last REAL post, not one of those corny quiz results.

So, what has happened since?

Well, read on, dear reader, and find out!

Well, you may be pleased to hear that I have a job. Yes, a job! And no, not involving anything sexual, or embarrassing, or….. you get the idea.
I have landed a job within the Tech Support and Professional Services team in a software development company located in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem.
The job itself is a daily challenge, whether it be a challenging computer scenario, or not to scream at the idiot on the other end of the phone/screen/table. I am extremely enjoying the dynamics of the job, and tomorrow I am actually going on my first visit to a client, and that client just happens to be the Israeli Police Department’s HQ (!). {internal thought – Thankfully it’s on business this time.} They are experiencing problems, and after spending about 20 phone hours and countless more in the lab, I have finally given in and am going to their location, to hopefully build an interpersonal and inter-corporate positive relationship with their tech group. This will hopefully go a long way to complete both of our objectives – work with them, instead of opposing them (they won’t tow our cars) and to further educate them on our products, so our interaction with them will be for more than “Where’s the ANY key?” kinda stuff.
I got this job through an advertisement on the AACI Jobnet site (Plug! ) where I saw an ad for a systems/network admin, and sent in my resume, at the same time that I was spamming it everywhere. (If you have received this email in error, please click HERE to be removed)!
They eventually called me, after a month or so, to come in for a 4 hour interview/testing session, where they evaluated my tech background, capabilities, general knowledge and more. That day, I met with about 2 people and had good interviews.
“We’ll call you.”
They did!
“Come in for a second interview with the CTO (Chief Tech Officer).”
I did, and that went interestingly enough. After the interview, they wanted me to meet with another department head, and after THAT meeting, I was told to wait around a bit longer.
I then met with the CEO of the company (was I blown away!) Me? a simple grunt on the food chain? My eyebrows were meeting about mid-forehead by now.
After the CEO, I was asked to stick around just a little longer, and told that the purpose of waiting around was to prevent me having to come back a million times for separate interviews.
I thought was a great idea, but had no clue why so many!!! Anyways, the last guy I met with was an Aussie, who is now my “team leader”. That meeting went well, and then I sat down with the head of HR, and she made me an offer. The offer was pretty much what I expected, so I took it!
I like my job. Have I mentioned that? Sometimes it can get annoying, but that’s usually the customer’s fault anyways, so you kick the brick wall, and put on a great voice for the other end. 🙂

So THAT’s what’s on the job front.

I had dropped my part in the chorus of “She Loves Me”, even though I ended up videotaping three shows for them, and they came out well. Last night, there was a cast get-together where we showed a tape of it on a projector on the wall.

But I digress.

Back on the performances, I had landed a semi-lead role in the musical “Oliver!”. Mr. Bumble, that was me. The rehearsals were frequent and hellish, as it was a cast of 45+ and a lot of them were children.

Note to self – there’s a reason that directors hate to work with animals and children.

During the course of rehearsals, I met a girl, Bonnie, and we went out for a bit, and fooled around a bit, but it never really went anywhere. She was on one of those “come to Israel for a semester, have fun!” programs. She’s in Italy now on vacation, and when she comes back, she’ll be spending the rest of her stay on a kibbutz down south. I don’t think it was meant to be, or that it ever had a chance to begin with.

Yesterday, I got a call from Yaffah, someone I had met through a friend, and we had gone out once before for coffee, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear from her. For some reason I thought she might have lost interest. Anyways, we had set to meet tonight after work, but as I was in the office until 9:30pm, and she was also at work after that, we both were too exhausted to get together. We’re tentative for Thursday night. I don’t have any idea of what, where we might do, but we’re tentative. 🙂

Anyways, I’m way up past tonight’s scheduled bedtime, so Dear Reader, if you have reached this line and not died of boredom, look forward to any interesting developments on this page soon, because I feel good writing to you, it seems oddly therapeutic.

Good night!