Old pictures, come back to haunt me.

So a couple of years ago, some friends had an SCA event for Purim, that took place in Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem.

We were all dressed in (almost) full period gear – and if you want a gander of me, check it here. The shame, the shame.

Anyways, hope you have a good laugh, and send this as a warning to others: If you partake in activities that change your appearance, you too may look amusing to someone else!

Improv, what fun!

So Thursday night was great.

Thanks to:

Shira, Annie, Ari, Asi, Danny, Dorf and Joe!

The show was great – the place was packed. Over 100 people were there, and it seemed to me that they all had a pretty good time.

So, if you were there, I hope you had a good one, and if you weren’t you really missed out. Don’t believe me? Ask someone who was there, they’ll tell ya!

In the same news, I got my name in the “In Jerusalem” section of the Jerusalem Post Friday’s paper for the event, here:


Really? You must be kidding!

So I thought I’d swing through my spam folder on my GMail account. I don’t know why, as for some reason my spam filter picks up over 1000 spam a week, but I thought it might be fun.

As I glance through the wonderful offerings of the world’s best marketing slogans – “What IS 0EM Software And Why D0 You Care?”, “And pillars the Lord my hurt them the husbandmen, and when the night,” – I came across one that caught my eye.


Now, I’m saying that there aren’t some people that actually fall for this marketing slogan, but come on! “She’ll be running away?” Isn’t that counter productive?

Your thoughts?

Hello? Is anyone out there?

So I now have this blog site thing, right? and I used to have it hosted over there, right? But now, it’s got it’s own lovely space here.

So people reading over there don’t really know what’s going on – some have figured it out and congrats to you.

When commenting for the first time on the new site, a moderation email gets sent to me for approval. Once approved, the comment is visible. Any sequential comments will appear immediately.

Just thought I’d explain that.

If we see you smoking we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action. ~Douglas Adams

So I decided on Sunday morning that I would try this whole “quit smoking and live longer thingie”.

It’s not like I smoke all that much anymore – an average of 3 a day. That’s not too bad, is it?

In any case, I added a nice little counter at the bottom of my page to reflect the time passed. Check it out.

Wish me luck!

Weekend update… with MikeTheMan!

So this weekend was quite interesting.

My folks celebrate my Jewish birthday (based on the lunar calendar), which is typically a different date that my secular (or solar-based) one.
They came around on Friday and brought me some cool presents – one of which is a cool black sweater that I wore to work today. Really nice, too.

I also got an iron, and some good cookies. And then I got the best ever! My mom sat down and sewed by motorcycle jacket’s pocket back on, and it was pretty hard to distinguish which pocket was torn once she was done.

Then, we sat down and watched V for Vendetta and had an overall nice time.

We watched it on a new DVD player I received from my work-mates – a really nice one. Ultra slim, plays just about anything, and fits nicely in the living room. This came along with the Trilogy, which is cool no less.

So it’s been a nice weekend, and now it’s over, it’s time tp get back to work.