One of those interesting quiz thingies ….

… Only thing is, there was no quiz!
Think of that – a test of nothing. Nothing.

miketheman is intense.
You’re no-nonsense, to the point, working all the time, looking to die an early death in a bathroom somewhere when your body finally gives out. Way to go.
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My LJ musings

A personal journal or diary has usually been a place where one keeps their innermost thoughts and private musings.
When I started out in the online blogging world, it was on a much smaller, inconsequential site that no longer exists. I kept to myself, wrote under an alias and hid behind the “privacy screen”.
This site had the option for friends, comments, and over time I received comments, and wrote on other people’s journals. Somewhat like LJ has become today.
Everyone kept the identifiable portions of themselves closeted, and we had the freedom of so-called anonymity. And it was good.
Once, I wrote about a recollection of an experience that I had, with one detail too many – a friend’s first name. And from the description, someone else put two and two together, and we eventually got to discussing other matters, and eventually met face to face.
Things changed drastically from that moment on.
I began to withhold my writing, and felt a little too exposed. “My cover was blown”.
So I wrote there less and less, and the feeling of exposure increased.
In early 2003, invited me to LJ – it was an invite-only community back then. I started posting, and I haven’t stopped yet. Thanks, Josh.
Over time, you meet other journals, you find interesting things to read, add more friends, and sometimes find out that other people are actually reading you.
This is the place I can write anything. And I do. I write what I want to write, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.
I write when I want to, and I don’t think I’ve used a Security lock yet. It’s as if I decided somewhere along the line that I am me. This is my platform for my own voice and thoughts. If you don’t like it, leave now or forever hold your peace.
I write, and will continue to write, about anything I want to. Anything I think needs to be committed to “paper”, and who knows? It’s been over two years, and I’m still writing. The community grows, you meet new people, you stay in touch with the old. You make connections never considered possible. You get to know others on a much deeper level. It’s a tool for life, living, and social interaction.
LJ has allowed me to post about my life, and save me from rehashing it with friends when I meet them. They’ve read about it, heard about it, and maybe even commented on it. I ran into a friend who reads my LJ now and then, and he offered some words of support for me that he didn’t feel right putting in digital print. Fair enough. This will never replace the face-to-face interaction we all love and enjoy, but the fact that he knew all about it made all the difference. He said something to the effect of “you are brave for putting everything out there in the open”.
I may be brave, I may be stupid. What I am is true to myself, and that’s all I need now.

I am here. I’m not leaving.

This post was inspired/encouraged by . Thanks for making me think.

personal pain

Arrr, I`ll bite. We be havin’ new show up, check ou’ th’ feed. Th’ weekend picnic be a blast, an’ much fun be had by all.
In other news, I’ve got hooked on Desperate Housewives.
Start groaning now.
I’ve figured it out – It’s a soap opera with a serious hook to catch guys as well.
After hearing a lot of people idolize it, and due to the fact that kindly dumped all the first season on the TV computer, it’s one really riveting show. Check it out – trust me.

Great weekend

I had a great weekend.
My bike looks great – it just needs cleaning, done Friday along with my pal Dan. Takes a good two hours, and it looks amazing.
It looks even better with a good-looking gal on the back. 🙂
So another week to begin – in which I’m going to try to monitor food intake. We’ll see how well that works.

And in other news, the latest show is up!
Check it out and anjoy.