*** News Flash ***

Incoming transmission! Hot news!!
My sister called, and she just had spent the weekend with my parents (groan!). The folks actually called me on Friday to ask whether I would be joining, which I obviously declined.
Anyways, my mother, being the nosey busy-body that she is, tries to pump my sister for information about her siblings that she doesn’t get directly from the others. This is a common practice for my mother, who rightfully believes that we don’t tell her things. This is mainly to prevent the ensuing uproar over the issue at hand, regardless if it is: getting married/washing a shirt/eating properly. These are all of the same magnitude with her.
In any case, my mother asks my sister:
“Do you think Mike is gay?”

Now, my sister, who I talk to now and then, knows the answer, and replies with: “Why do you think he is?” for no other reason, if only to hear the reasoinging behind this assumption.
My mother, bless her heart, replies: “Well, he only hangs out with guys, and he doesn’t have any female friends, and I never hear about him dating anyone, AND the guys he does hang out with, he met at the theater, i.e other actors, and you know what they are like. [insert a knowing wink, nose tapping, or whatever symbol for an obvious insinuation]
Well, funnily enough, when I was about 15-16, Mom said “Michael, don’t you go fooling around with girls…” so I guess now I’ve showed HER!
Fooling around with boys is oh so much better, Mom!
PSA: I am not gay. For those who would cast aspersions, or for those who are just confused.
Anyways, I got a big laugh out of the whole thing, and now am trying to think of ways to use the knowledge to my advantage, as finally I am in a position to strike for my revenge, which is long overdue. Any ideas?

Late night blues

Well, another weekend has gone by.
Today was kinda fun. A friend of and I dropped by, after having been to the movies, and stuck around to watch yet another movie, for free, at our place. The kids seem to always be beating each other up. As the youngest sibling to older sisters, I was the one always being beat up. I guess it’s more fun if you can hold your own against the older forces of evil.
I’ve been working on my movie database, as this is one project which I actually mean to complete, as some future date, depending how bored I am between other things.
It’s kind of an essentiality, as I can’t move the files off of my hard drives before they’re properly entered into the database, and logged of tehir location. I’m coming across so many duplicate CD’s, that I have no idea what I’m going to do with. Trade them for blanks? Any takers?
Anyways, back to the database.

Time flies…

Again, I have come to regale you with tales of my life……

Nahh… you don’t want to hear about that…. Do you?
Well, ok.

I’m going to try to keep the length down, and the volume up, so check this space for upcoming attaractions!

It has been 7 days since I have quit smoking. As opposed to last time that I quit, back in Oct 2000, which I kept up for 9 months and was a wreck of nerves by then end of, I am using some brand of nicotene gum to ease the withdrawal symptoms.
The gum is NASTY, but helps. I get the jitters now and then, and have an intense feeling that I want to rip someone’s head off, but I can only hope, that this too, shall pass.
The annoying thing about the gum is that when stressed, I tend to chew it more often (you’re supposed to chew it a few times to release the nicotene, and keep it in your cheek until the taste is absorbed, and chew some more for 30 minutes) and keep biting the damned inside of my mouth, out of eagerness.
Some say you can get hooked on the gum, and I will see. At least I am no longer huffing and puffing after a 5 minute walk.
Hopefully, I will be replacing some of my time with a spinning class, and get back into a more elongated shape, rather than the roundish-about-the-middle fashion which seems to be popular amongst beer drinkers (guilty!).
I’m deliberating whether or not I can afford to enroll into Open University this year, or whether I should put it off for now, and dedicate this year to health, and hapiness (?), and possibly, a motorcycle. It’s mainly a financial decision, as I still am trying to get back on to my own two, or even one feet/foot, and attain financial stability before investing time and money into further, possibly less lucrative ordeals.
Any ideas/advice/spare cash is most welcomed.
All for now….