What a weekend.

What a weekend.
Thursday night – Finish work at 5, head to the gym for a spinning class. Ride a lot, sweat a lot.
After class, meet Yos, meet up with Ran, Elon and Jax for drinks at O’Connel’s (nice Irish pub). After drinks and snakcs, all head back to my place, where we hang out and get high. Lotsa fun.
About 2am, all gone, asleep.
8:15am – awakening, and Yos comes over a bit later to work on his machine.
12:30pm – Dad picks me up, go visit sister in hospital after baby boy is born.
2:30pm – preparing to leave Betar (Dad’s place) with one niece to other sister’s moshav for my eldest niece’s Bat Mitzva – first in our family, big event. Ride was nice, played lots of Blues music. Slept a bit.
4:15 – arrive at moshav, unpack car, run around like headless chickens. See people that I’ve never met.
6:15 – Make really strong coffee. Drink. Feels like a boot to the head.
6:30 – Preparing food and whatnot for Friday night meal. Lots of food. Not an understatement. 30 people at each meal. Although20 of them are kids.
8:00 – Big dinner. Finally meet these weird extended family relatives from South America, related by marriage or whatever. All speeches made in 3 languages, if not 4 (English, Hebrew, Spanish and Yiddish. Go figure).
9:45 – dinner over, clear off tables and prep for after-dinner party with all residents of moshav. Whoa. Got heckled by some guy who remembered me from my childhood. Whoopee. Like I give a damn.
01:00am – about to go to sleep, notice the military truck parked behind sister’s house. Head over to say hi, and bring a plate of goodies. Poor reservists. i hope on my reserve duty there are guys as nice as me to come round and sit and schmooze to pass the hours while they have to sit around and stare at a small screen for 8 hours.
02:00am – pass out from exhaustion
08:00am – wakeup call sounds like “Why are you still asleep? Half the day is gone already!” In my head: What am I, Amish? let a guy sleep! Fall out of bed. stone floor hurts. a lot. not recommended, especially in the early hours of morning.
09:00 – prepping fod for “lunch” at 10am. bleah. TONS of food. Oh, and beef tongue. Yarghl.
10:00 – lunch. tons of food. I am the official catering expert, and have to assist in everything, from place settings to presenting the platters and what have you. joy.12:30pm – meal over, cleanup. get rid of the kids, work on that for a bit. Sit down afterwards for a nice cold beer with bro-in-law. relax. Head back to sister’s for a nap.
5:30pm – wake, prepare final meal, bagels and cream cheese. Sounds simple enough, right? NO. piles of everything, as if we’re welcoming the starving population of wherever.
7:35pm – meal over, Shabbat over. CLEANUP! Work like crazy to get everything where it needs to go, ordering everything just right etc. Get sent home with leftovers, always a good thing. Except for that tongue stuff. eww.
8:30pm – make another platter of goodies for reservists, and walk the 20 feet to their truck. spend a bit chatting, and find out that one if them is virtually my neighbor in the city. Huh. Small world? I think so.
9:30pm – parents pick me up, drive me and niece back to Betar, drop off niece and mom. Climbin staris to their house, my knee start hurting. Sharp pain. Ouch. Shake it off. Dad drives me and my leftovers back to J-Town. Climbing my own stairs, my knee is really complaining, so I slow down. BIG ouch.
10:45 – pack some ice around my knee. smoke a bowl. life is a bnit better. watch some TV.
11:50 – pass out
06:30 – alarm with decent music. In shower knee dies on my. I want to die.
08:00 – at work, find out how to go to a doctor. not my forte. schedule for Tuesday.
10:25 – realize that I’m not walking anywhere for lunch, order in.
12:00 – now. Wrote all this for me, to remind myself that family matters, but how much and to who are a big question. If I can barey walk as a result of this weekend, I’m going to be mightily pissed at the family.

I’m soooooooo bored!

This day has been nothing but a total mental drain.
I keep trying to stay upbeat, but it’s pretty damn hard when nothing works.I got a call about a job today. First one since the CV has begun to circulate again.
It was kind of weird, but it was a guy from a placement agency, and he wanted to know a bit about me.
His first question was (after mentioning that this could save us both some time) was about what kind of salary expectations I have. I tossed a figure out there, approx. 20% higher than my current income, even though I’m worth more.
He hesitated, and then continued with an “ok, I think that’s feasible”.
So we chatted for a few minutes, and he said that he would be in touch.
Sounds interesting, at the least.

Gotta keep moving along.


I think lunch is becoming the downfall of Western civilization in this generation.
Today, instead of walking out to lunch with a co-worker or two, I ordered from a service we have to order on the ‘net.
Now, yes, the food is very rich, and probably not that healthy, but boy is it good.
We usedc to take the time to step out, walk around a bit, take a breather from the hectic office day, and head out to where food is valued.
No longer.
The joy of the Internet ordering age is upon us.

God save us all.

Well well well…

It’s been over a month, far longer than I should ever go silent.
After all, I’m a talkative kind of guy.
Life is so terribly odd.
I was unemplyed for the longest time. I jumped on the first job I found. Now I don’t know if that was the best thing for me to do.
I feel trapped, in a dead end, looking for the pinpoint of light amidst a sea of darkness.
There is no turning back. There are no second chances. History is not mine to change.
I’ve never been the one to think about the “what if”s of life, preferring to live with my choices and experiences. For some reason, I have begun to contemplate these circular, useless, time-wasting concepts.
Intellectually, I know it’s no use…. I guess some kind of emotional thing has me going. Stop. Think. Rationalize.
For a while now I guess I’ve been trying to really find that one thing, that feeling, that sensation, which will let me REALLY let go. I try hard to acheive it, but I don’t know anymore if that is attainable.

Or maybe it’s just the tetrahydrocannabinol talking.

I got a Powerball on Friday. For those unfamiliar, check out www.powerballs.com. It’s cool and flashy. It also has some awesome physics behind it, and has a unique feeling. Ask me to try it.

Anyways, I’m feeling really down right now. And with my dumb luck, it’s Monday tomorrow. I hate Mondays.