It’s just a slow afternoon….

Well, it’s been a really nice relaxed weekend.
I got a haircut on Friday and spent some time with my friend Joe. Back at my place, we spent some energy on beating the crap out of each other on Tekken 4. What a way to waste time. 🙂
Yos came over and joined in the fun, and eventually, Yos took me along to “tea” at his brother’s family’s place, and spent a couple of hours relaxing on ntheir porch, chatting with the relativies and Yos’s godparents.
Eventually, Yos dropped me off at home, because I was dropping from exhaustion, and I took a long-needed nap.
Later that evening, he came back, and we watched a movie called “The Hebrew Hammer”. (link to IMDB)
If you are Jewish, and if you’re American, and better yet, if you’ve seen “Shaft”, I can alomst guarantee that you’ll laugh out load, or at least groan out loud while watching this movie.
Interested parties should contact me to arrange for a private showing or personal copy etc.
It was pretty damn funny.
We also worked on his machine, which is still making noise right next to me.
After I got some sleep, I was up again today, and decided to take a crack at organizing data, yet again.
The ongoing, constant battle to keep ahead of download speed is at a constant loss. This week I had to turn off my downloads for a bit! I nearly fainted! But back on track again, and I’m still working on completing my database. About to finish the letter “G”.
(* Note to self – take some time to figure out how to get the Database back online.)
Well, in any case, I shall resume the attack.
Hope y’all have had as relaxed a weekend as I have!

Yargle, blargle, glingle and farb…

It’s one of those days.
What a useless day.
It started last night actually…..

After work, I met up with Shay to go finish a job at a lawyers firm upgrading their system.
Should have been a fairly simple job, hit-and-run kinda computer thingie, but it was not to be.
Running into a wide plethora of problems, and trying to knock out each one as it cropped up was definitely a challenge.
At about 10:30, Shay and got extremely peckish, and ordered pizza and beer to the office where we continued the job.
At one point, he even fell asleep while I was working on it.
Finally, we got 90% of what we wanted working, and decided to call it a night. At about 3:00am.
What a gyp.

Haven’t been called today, so I’m guessing that everything was ok.
Then today at work I have the pleasure of yet again confronting the insanity that is this company.
Now they say that nobody’s perfect. But nobody should be so imperfect that they stay in existence by the skin of their teeth.
It’s getting more and more annoying.
More and more people are asking me why I don’t work elsewhere. System administration, Technical Training, Management…
And here I am, answering your call.