Weigh, Hey & Up She Rises!

So last night I went to see/hear a a band in a bar.

Now, you may ask – “What’s so special about that? Band play in bars all the time!”

Well, this one was a little different.

The band – Scythian – are a lively bunch of young guys from DC, who apparently like to have a good time, while playing a mix of what you’d normally see in a rock band – and what you weren’t expecting, like a couple of fiddles, an accordion and even a ukulele.

They played three consecutive sets (I only stayed for two) and they put a whole lot of energy into the room. At one point, one guy comes down and dances the length of the bar while playing a fiddle. They played a lot of variations on traditional Iris and Scottish tunes – including the ole fave – Drunken Sailor! My cousin and her friend were a little amazed that I actually knew the words, and that I knew more verses than the band played.

The venue for their monthly show – Stout NYC – leaves a bit to be desired. It got VERY crowded very fast, and there’s just not enough room for people to finish a drink and then make it up to the bar and get back to their friends. And I think the sound guy may have had it in for everyone there, as when I left, it took a good twenty minutes to regain some semblance of hearing. So turn it down just a notch! But other then that, it was a great layout for this kind of performance.

The band played on a little balcony above the bar – in full view for almost any angle. They seemed to be having a good time, as did most of the crowd. So it was a good time had by all, and a merry night ’twas indeed.

I’m planning on seeing their next performance in NYC on Oct20th same place, you’re welcome to join me.

Bring back the noise!

So I think that ever since I branched off to my own site, my great friends of the LJ community have not been as responsive to any of my posts as they might have been in the past.

This is probably due to the fact that being on an external site engine, it’s a little more difficult to “point, click and comment” on a given post.

To increase the ease of using my site, I have now incorporated a plugin that allows the use of any OpenID user to comment with a little less hassle.

Once you’ve used your Continue reading Bring back the noise!

There are only two kinds of programming languages…

Those that people always bitch about and those nobody uses.

Having said that, I think that it is clear to most, if not to all, my feelings on programming.

In case it isn’t, let me clarify.

It’s all well and good for anyone who likes to stare at tons of lines of code for hours, reading it all into their heads and then visualizing what the code is supposed to do, and then add one little semicolon, then spending hours figuring out what went wrong, and then ultimately hunting down some darned semicolon and blaming it.

So early on, when my father, a software engineer, attempted to get me interested in programming, I got the basics and then moved on to another field Continue reading There are only two kinds of programming languages…

Resolved: Resolutions don’t work

So I sat down and realized that it’s been a long time since I wrote anything, and realized that I like writing, if for no other reason than to get some things out of my head. “Brain dump”, if you will. Then, a couple nights ago, I vocalized a resolution that “starting tomorrow, I’ll spend about 10 minutes a day writing”. Obviously, I didn’t do it – until today when I realized that I missed doing it yesterday. Oh well.

This past month has been a little crazy, with friends visiting from Israel, family events, holidays, and much much more.

So I’ve joined a gym and begun training a couple times a week, with the goal of ultimately losing 60 pounds. That’s like losing Continue reading Resolved: Resolutions don’t work