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Hey everyone.

I know it’s been over a week since the last show – I hope to have another along soon.

In the meantime, please take a minute to click here, and vote for The Real Life. Try to vote from as many computers as you can, and you can vote every three days.

Thanks a million, and keep in touch!
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Another JobOpp!

Looking for a skilled windows developer/programmer.
If you are familiar with anyone who might be a candidate, please pass his/her details to: miketheman [at] gmail [dot] com.

– 2 years experience in C++ windows programming (Visual Studio 6.0).
– Fluent in Win32 APIs and MFC.

– Windows GUI development experience.
– Window Mobile development experience (embedded VC++).
– Knowledge of COM, ActiveX development.
– Microsoft.Net or Compact Framework .Net experience.

Almost three years

Almost a full three years passed since, and still it’s weird.
I’m kind of wondering what else is going to happen.

To those who are older than three years of age, and have known me for that long, know that I was dating someone over three years ago and it ended a bit badly (for a given value of “bit”).
In any case, about a month later, I opened this online rag where I began to spew forth my words to whomever cared, as I most certainly didn’t.

Fast forward two years.

I was dating another lady, I’m sure you all know her, and it all came to an end six months ago.

Now, I am dating a lovely woman, and I go to the first night of rehearsals for a new show that I’ve been cast in.

Ex from 2003 is there. Ex from 2005 is directing (but I knew that. I’ve already come to terms with all that). Now I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen next. Will some other skeleton from the past come out and surprise me?

In any case, all that strangeness aside, it was a good rehearsal and it’s a wonderfully hilarious show.
You must come see it. I’ll post show dates soon, so keep your pencils sharpened.

Hope your life isn’t as weird as mine!

Wonderful, just wonderful.

All these MEME things get really tiresome sometimes.
But, having been tagged by my dear friend PurpleParrot in her post here, I hereby answer the infamous MEME4 behind this lovely cut.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life:

  1. Investment Banking
  2. Computer Protector
  3. Theater technician
  4. Actually a classified job

Four movies I could watch over and over:

  1. Anything by Kevin Smith
  2. Still Crazy
  3. The Princess Bride (I’m hopless, aren’t I?)
  4. Labyrinth – a serious classic

Four places I’ve lived:

  1. Southern California (after being born)
  2. Austin, Texas (where I really grew up and acquired my wonderful redneck tendencies)
  3. West Bank, Israel (a little settlement that was hell)
  4. My friend Yos’s easy chair (for a year out of high school, when I just didn’t want to go home)

Four TV Shows I Love to watch:

  1. Scrubs – Zach Braff’s internal monologue is something to admire
  2. American Chopper – if you haven’t seen it, do. One of the best reality shows ever!
  3. Veronica Mars – Don’t you just want to eat her out up?
  4. Drawn Together – Another reality show, but of a slightly different nature

Four places I have been to on vacation:

  1. Greece, with a bunch of friends
  2. The Grand Canyon, when I was an infant and can’t remember it
  3. Zurich, completely by mistake
  4. Manhattan, New York, while trying to figure out the future. I failed, can’t you see?

Four websites I visit daily: (altho thanks to RSS, these are dropping steadily)

  1. Google, duh….
  2. My LJ Friends page – to keep up with my tabs on you all
  3. Engadget – for the wonderful toys they show me
  4. College Roomies From Hell

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Eggplant parmesean
  2. Vegetarian lasagna
  4. Pizza, but not from just anywhere, specific pizzas. There’s actually a qualifying test to join the list,

Four places I’d rather be:

  1. The Greenbrier – I’ll let you figure that one out
  2. Southern California, for the year-round biker-friendly weather
  3. Manhattan Island, NY – for the craziness and noise
  4. London, England – some place that’s foreign enough to be different, yet I can be understood well enough in a language I already know

Four books I’ll read over and over again:

  1. Anything by Terry Pratchett, which covers most of my library
  2. Godel, Escher & Bach – a seriously heavy book, that has a lot to teach each time I pick it up
  3. Green Aroow: Quiver – it may be a comic book collection, but the dialogue and story is so dark in there that it’s fun
  4. Finally, the amount of time’s I’ve read Clive Cussler’s “Raise the Titanic”, solely based on the fact that it’s a book in the bathroom, is staggering.

Ok, now that I’m finally done with that crap, I’m tagging a few others to wade through these questions themselves. Herein, let it be known that: , , , and are hereby asked to do the same.

A show! An Improv show! Come and laugh!

Hey everyone.
If you’ve been at one before, you know what it’s about.
If you haven’t, then check out this flyer – Image hosted by
(There’s a Hebrew flyer here.)
I’m hosting this event, and I’ve got a great cast of players lined up, so tell your friends, co-workers, post the flyer on any location that you can think of.
If something isn’t clear, let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Hey everyone,

My company is looking for the following, if you know or think of who this might be relevant for, send me your CV (gmail account). Also, send it to your friends.

Our QA team is seeking for workers as following:
– A full time long term worker. Requirements are flexible. Fast learner.
– A part time or full time student (or student like) worker for a short term work during January and February. Some knowledge of computers/software is needed but nothing special. Valuable experience gained.

Give it up for the Labyrinth!

Ok, you’re probably wondering what I am babbling about – again.
If you’re in Israel, you know that the weather has turned a little freaky over the past couple of days. If you’re not in Israel, then know this: Thunder, lightning, rain, winds are a bitch.
Yesterday’s forecast showed a “partly cloudy”, so naturally I suited up and rode to work. On the way I met with unseen forces that were semi-physical in their nature and they tried to change my course with the brute force of their attack.
Having arrived at my destination in one piece, I laughed at nature for trying to get me and failing.
Not a good idea. Y’see, when you laugh at nature, nature has a way of making you pay for it.
Throughout the day, winds increased until they reached a whopping 40km wind speed. Imagine that – walking along and a big invisible, mostly intangible, force hits you at 40km/h. Not fun.
Now try driving at 90-100km/h knowing that this force can strike at any time from any direction.
And then it does.

For anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle, motorcycle or even a unicycle, you know that balance is key. Our body contains a mini-gyroscope that is capable of automatically determining the miniature shifts in weight, which keeps you vertical on a moving object.
This gyroscope is inside our ear, and is called the “Labyrinth“. Without that, I’d be a big ol’ pile of roadkill, waiting for some other redneck to come along with a wrench and a spatula.
Not a pretty picture.

So today I’m going to ride into work with a co-worker. He mentioned that yesterday his car felt kind of wobbly, as these winds have done some serious damage to much larger vehicles. I guess he wants me there as extra ballast. 🙂

Have a good day, and don’t fly off. Eat something, you anorexic people! Those with weight shall stay on the ground, while those skinny people will be blowing in the wind.