Not exactly the 4th of July, but….

So the larger part of yesterday was spent in the the saddle, traversing a large part of the central areas of Israel.
This is all in anticipation of a biker’s day activity that Dan & I are trying to put together.
It wasn’t as much fun for , who received the bad end of the deal being tossed around a lot for hours on end.

This Independence Day promises much fun and craziness – between a party at some friend’s place the night of, to a company picnic the day of, to another rehearsal the night after. I have already been invited to about 5 other events which I’m contemplating, but we’ll see. A friend is also putting together a BBQ of her own, so maybe I’ll drop by after the company party.
This day brings on mixed feelings.

Yes, it’s great that the Jewish people have a place to live. I wonder if the Palestinians have an Independence day too? So we fight, bleed and die to get this land, and 50-odd years later, “You want a piece (intended pun!)? Have some!”
And let’s not even go to the barbecue subject. Everyone seems to think that if you can cover the landscape with smoke and smell of burnt cow-flesh, then you have done your patriotic duty.
Well, what about us !@#$ed vegetarians, eh? Maybe I don’t like my clothes smelling like I was caught in a burning farm with 3 angry cows.

In any case, we shall see what the new celebration brings and rejoice that my rented house, the one I pay tons of rent and Arnona fees that is more than reasonable, is under Israeli rule. Yipee.
Cue: “Send In the Clowns”

Peace, I’m out.

It’s late, so this is a quickie

Ok, it’s been way too long without a post, a podcast, or other proof of my existence.
So it’s late, and I’m going to keep this short.

After having closed “She Stoops to Conquer” wonderfully and completely without flubbed lines, I have now dove into rehearsals for Macbeth. My second attempt at Shakespeare, first one that actually requires me to act. Yay.

Life is hectic, trying to do too much with too little and somewhat appearing a little flustered because of it. This, too, shall pass. (Will it?)

So, to everyone who still hasn’t deleted this or removed all links from their memory, Happy Chernobyl day!
May all your meltdowns result with as hellish consequences.

Books? I’ll show you books, damn it!

So today there were lotsa people over to assist in ‘s attempt to sort these books out before the next convention.
Lots of fun, and while they were at it, I made a nice salad, with ‘s assistance, of course.

Tonight will be the final showing of CST’s “She Stoops to Conquer” at 9pm. This will mark the finale of probably the best show I’ve been in, and possibly the hardest part I’ve had to play ever.
It’s bound to be a blast.
Come one, come all.

That time of the month already? Pshaw…

Ok, it seems I have a serious problem updating my LJ – I am a bit lazy.
Go figure.

A lot of events are happening in my life, and if you are one of the privileged, you know about the most recent one – the bike trip.
It was a lot of fun except for the one thing, and that kind of kept going much after the trip and is still painful.

On the much brighter side, the CST production of “She Stoops to Conquer” only has three shows left! Tonight, Monday, this Thursday and our closing night is on Saturday. If anyone needs details, let me know.
It’s a great show, with a great cast, with our own problems and quirks, but it all makes up the wonderful comedy that it should.
I’ve never really had to play the “straight guy” while everyone in the audience gets a good laugh. Keeping a straight face is harder than you could ever imagine.

I also realize it’s been forever since the last podcast – and I hope to rectify this soon. Life is a little messy these days and I need a break in order to put the puzzle pieces back together and get everything in order again. It could take some time.

Another thing that has been surfacing in my upper thoughts is the possibility of leaving the country for a more reasonable place to live. It has been my opinion that Israel is determined to make life extra difficult for you. Now, don’t go shouting “The grass is greener!” etc. but I really think that if something can be made difficult, it is. I always thought life was meant to be enjoyed, not suffered. If anyone knows of some decent job-finding sites for the hi-tech expert in the USA, let me know. Not that I am committing to anything just yet, but I’d like to know what’s out there.

I’ve begun catching up on blogs that I should – and here’s my friend Chava‘s perspective – interesting and fresh. Have fun!