I’m driving a truck with my high heels on!

First off, let me open by thanking you all for writing back with your thoughts, comments and methods of weight loss and lifestyles.

It’s been very insightful, having people write here on the site, as well as comments on Facebook, as well as direct emails. I’ll look into all of these, and probably make up my own combination, as long as it makes sense to me.

In more exciting news, I took my New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Road Test, and guess what? I passed!

For the first time in my life, I am a licensed driver of a four-wheeled vehicle class, and the only thing I want to do isnow apply for a motorcycle license. It’s a little backwards here – you have to get the Class D (automobile) before you can add the Class M (vroom! vroom!) to it

As they say in Hebrew: Cow, Cow. (Laugh now if you get the joke.) I must say that my uncle is pretty awesome for taking the time to teach me how to drive, and let me drive him around when we could, and not shout in my ear, “What do you think you’re doing!?!?!?!” as I have heard from other’s experiences with driving instructors that are less-than-forgiving about anything at all. Also, a shout out goes to my extended cousins in CT – for always showing me a good time when I come up there, and letting me practice driving around more with their car as well, so while I am now fairly comfortable behind the wheel, I am also aware of the danger that lies ahead.

So now that I have that squared away, anyone need a driver? 🙂

The truth can be a bitch

If ever you’ve had to sit down with your inner self and debate matters, then you know that it always depressing to figure out that there’s something wrong and that you want to change it.

Recently during some odd contemplative time, I’ve figured out that I enjoy the taste of food much more than the food itself.

That probably confused some of you, so let me explain.

I find myself in a position where I am overweight, and eventually take steps to rectify this. Steps? Joining a gym, eating healthier, trying to lose weight and “look good” – you know, the kind of good that after you’ve walked by makes women pause and savor the moment, so they can reminisce it later with their friends.

That kind of good.

So you go to the gym twice a week and get worked on for an hour by a trainer. You do all the things you’re supposed to, and nothing helps.

Sure, you drop a few pounds, and tone up some muscle, but there’s still that cuddly cushioning that will damn any man, especially if you can’t touch your toes – not because of the girth, but because of some weird leg inflexibility you probably developed due to major inactivity.

You go to the doctor, hoping that it might be something physiological, but (sadly?) it’s not. You only find out that you’re in pretty good health – but you need to exercise more. Duh. Don’t need years of schooling to tell me that.

So you drop the expensive diet, as it’s not really doing anything, and you go back to eating “health conscious” – salads, and the occasional Chinese take-out of something with tofu.

Then, you sit back one day and realize:

I don’t eat all that much, and when I do, I usually eat pretty decently.

But when I don’t…

I have found that I love the way things taste. The mixing and matching of textures and flavors os something amazing, and I will overeat something that tastes good – just to have some more of the taste, far past the point of sustainment.
I suppose that’s what ancient Greeks had in mind – they wanted to eat more of these delicious items, so off to the vomitorium with you! (I know I’m mixing Greeks and Romans, but I don’t care. Oh, and the fact that the vom is no place for this kind of activity. But it sounds cool.)

So now that I’ve figured that out, what do I do about it? There’s the simple method – go back to a strict diet and deprive myself of all that is delicious – but that’s absolutely no fun, not to mention extremely hard in New York City –
or figure something else out.

Another idea is to try to go the path of “eat only when hungry”, but that’s not healthy, as I’m told that the body will figure that out and store even more fat cells as a result.

There’s not a whole lot of options for someone who doesn’t want to put in piles of effort into shopping for food, preparing for one, and cleaning up the mess.

I’m totally hoping that someone ot there has a good idea – so feel free to shout it, shout it, shout it out loud.

Battle of the OS

This is crazy, but it needs to be put out there.

I currently have:

1 HP Laptop, running Windows XP
1 MacBookPro, Dual booting Vista and OSX Leopard, and have Paralleles to run XP and Ubuntu under OSX
1 EeePC, currently running Xandros (Eee mode), and soon to dual boot with XP and Ubuntu

Is this too many operating systems? I think it just might.

What’s your preference, and why?

Feeling a little cold?

So after I got my hair cut, I decided to join the No Pants 2k8 subway ride. I didn’t initially think I’d do it, but timing was right, and I figured, what the hell. I’ve participated in other ImprovEverywhere events, and this one seemed like it’d be fun, but I was a little concerned about the over-publicity of what is supposed to be a prank. Last time I did one and didn’t write about it, Devo found me and posted about it. I wondered how long it would take to be found, and it wasn’t long at all.

So I headed to Foley Square, where I joined up with some one thousand people, where we waited around, talked a bit, and I ran into two colleagues from work (is that supposed to be embarrassing?), and we stuck more or less together and got on the same train (6 train from Brooklyn Bridge, car #1) – but we kinda split in the car and got lost soon into the event.

Little did I know that this would lead to a large group of people sitting around, itching with anticipation, and the subway car had to be the quietest place on earth – as we were directed to not interact. so sitting here, waiting for the doors to close and the train to get underway, you could feel the anticipation in the air, so thick, you could slice it with a knife.

This goes on for a bit, so it’s cut here. Continue, at your own peril! Continue reading Feeling a little cold?

It starts now

So today started like most days, and I woke up.

Nothing too spectacular about that particular aspect of the daily ritual, other than the fact that it seems to happen wth some regularity, and to a certain degree of predictability as well..

Lazily lounged around, watched some recorded American Chopper and laughed at the destructiveness of a couple of people that get fairly angry in each other’s proximity. Finally got up and did some morning things.

Went out and got a new mouse that I wanted – nice little thing, and it does the job.

Beat the lunch crowd by a few minutes to the local diner, and got my late brunch, and sat downa nd relaxed for a bit.

Tried to reach a friend on Skype, but I guess the wireless spot I was connected to crapped out on me. Oh well.

So now I’m off to find the Astor Place Hair place – I hear good things about it. I need a hair cut as well as a good shave, so I figure I’ll sit down, close my eyes and let them go to town.

Wish me luck.