Icon day 3

I haven’t been keeping a day-by-day update, because I’ve been a little busy doing other things, such as spending time with Silvia, shepherding two of Icon’s guests around in the eternal search for good beer.
This is pretty early to be awake, but I’ve got to get going to get an interview in this morning.
Joe and I will have MUCH to say about Icon when we record next.
I’ve also made some good connections, and we’ll see how they pan out over the next few weeks.

Have fun at Icon, that’s what it’s all about!

Finally, an event for Real Anglos!

Have you ever visited a fan-related convention in a foreign country, where you didn’t understand the local language as much as you’d like?
Have you ever wondered what everyone else is yelling around you, but couldn’t get past that first garbled word?
Have you ever sat at a table, drinking coffee, wondering how to start a conversation, but couldn’t because you don’t know the local words for, “Hey, what’s that poking out of your ear?”

Well then, regardless of your answers to the questions above, this event is for you!
Yours truly will be sitting (and hopefully speaking) on an English-speaking panel during Icon, alongside Ilan Eshkoli, Raz Greenberg (both of local fandom) and a couple of foreign guests – Roger Nygard and Robert Burnett, and of course, how could I forget, our wonderful panel moderator, !!

It should be one hell of a panel, so check out the details at the link here: http://2005.icon.org.il/event.php/226
and I’m counting on seeing you there!


: I am the redneck from hell
: naw, Texas only feels like hell sometimes.

I got an interesting phone call tonight.
Apparently, I might actually be participating in an activity during Icon.
I can’t reveal any further details, but suffice it to say that the event will be in my mother tongue! (And, no, there is no such thing as “Redneckian”!)

Baseball woes

I watched the Atlanta Braves vs. Houston Astros last night.
They played a nice few innings, the score was 5-1 Braves, and the in the 7th, 6-1. In the 8th and 9th, the Astros caught up, making a wonderful dash to 6-6, moving it into more innings.
Now we get to watch the “sudden death” style. Someone get a run already!
The whole thing dragged out until the bottom of the 18th inning (!!!!) when the Astros brought one more in, and it was finally over.
I didn’t think they could ever make it to the 18th inning, but was I wrong….

Day 2 of cigarette sobriety

Awwww, crap.
Wednesday night I finished off a pack of cigarettes, and haven’t smoked since.
I want to smoke because I like to smoke, dammit.
There are soooo many reasons to stop smoking.
There are only a few to keep smoking, and those are the ones that are important.
But nonetheless, here I am, not smoking.
I was off for about six months, then on them for about four, and now I’m off again.

In other news, I am just starting to get some feedback from the shows from sources outside LJ. This is friggin’ wonderful!

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Send them to hear the wonderful pearls of wisdom that we reveal ever so often on the show.
Write back, call in, let us know you exist and tell us what you think.

That’s all. Please continue with your scheduled programming.