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From this list, choose whatever fit me, and answer in the comments. Then post
the list in your own LJ and see what people think of you.
1. Dominant or submissive
2. Logical or intuitive
3. Social or loner
4. Kinky or vanilla
5. Cute or sophisticated
6. Kitten or puppy
7. Warm flannel sheets or sleek satin
8. Leader or follower
9. Quiet or talkative
10. Spontaneous or planned
11. Teddy bear or porcelain doll
12. Hiking or window shopping
13. Tequila or vodka
14. Top or bottom
15. Bare foot or shoes
16. Jeans or slacks
17. Tender or rough
18. Aware or dreamy
19. Nerd or geek
is a meme going around that you probably have seen. Feel free to answer it.

On the train…

So I’ve been sorely neglecting any updates here for a while…
Where to start?

1. I failed my second motorcycle driving test. This in and of itself is very annoying. I am determined to pass next time, as it is now becoming a matter of principle.

2. My lady didn’t get into the overseas school, but she says that she was expecting that to happen.

3. I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but I got a new job at a software company in Lod as their one and only SysAdmin/Content Manager. Ask me what that means in a few months.

5. I am currently on a train to TLV, for the customary bi-annual sci-fi/fantasy con. Joy.

Other than that, everything’s as usual, I guess.


Well, “As You like It” is over, and with it came tonight’s cast party.
The cast asked me to take part in writing something on a booklet artistically designed for Shannon, and as luck would have it, I have the very last page.
I wrote and I wrote, letting the words pour out of me, and at the very end, I wrote that I love her.
Take into consideration that I haven’t said this to her, and my heart was pounding so damn hard, and I knew it would be a bit until she got to read it.
We left the cast party at 3:30am, and she dropped me off, and we parted, and I knew she’d go home and read the “card”.
She did. 🙂
And then she called me, where I got to find my voice and say it myself. I am bolder in the written word when it comes to the matters of the heart, I guess.
But she responded in kind, and clarified that I am not insane, as I thought myself to be a bit back. (, remember? She DID tell me so! Claims it slipped out then. I don’t care. I wasn’t hallucinating)
So that’s that. For now, at least.

In other news:

  1. I failed my motorcycle test last Thursday. I don’t know, I guess I got a bit too excited, and screwed up my figure eights. I was doing well, and he failed me. Ah well…. Wish me luck for this upcoming Thursday. Trying again. Will pass this time dammit. Gotta get a bike!
  2. I’m probably going to need to write a formal resignation letter tomorrow at work. I got a job proposal from a nice software company that will improve my terms and also require m to travel to Lod daily. Hence the urgent need of a bike.

I guess the real reason I hadn’t said the special three words to Shannon yet is because we both aren’t really sure of what’s happening this upcoming year. I’m moving to another company, she might be moving to the USA.
It’s a problem.

In any case, I do have to get some sleep tonight, if I’m going to be worth anything tomorrow at all.
Wish me luck!

“As You Like It”

Ladies and gentlemen, please lend me your ears so I might regale you with the events and occurrences of Opening Night of W. Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, directed by Shannon Kisch.

First off, let me say that I will try to be unbiased about this as I can, but that’s just a little difficult. You know how it is.

I arrived at the Merkaz nice and early so as to get a good seat. I ended up sitting with a friend who has interned at the Merkaz in the theater during some productions, so it was a nice break for both of us to be completely uninvolved and to sit back and enjoy the show. We took two seats in the front row center, right at the foot of the stage stairs which provided a beautiful view that filled my entire field of view.

The set:
Where to start? Wow. The entire set seems fairly spare to start out with, however considering the size of the cast and that in days of old the sets themselves were pretty empty, it was both appropriate and not cluttered with superfluous items.
Using the ceiling for a sky-blue puffy look, and a black background with innocuous hooks hanging down as hangers with various props on them, set the scene for everything else.
Stage right hosts a couple of low platforms, with some tree trunks extending from the base to the ceiling, with a beautiful hanging sign of “As You Like It”, cut out and in deep brown colors. Stage left has an impressive padded bench, and more trees behind it. And in the center, a small stool, as you would find in a garden surrounded by gnomes. The center stage exit is surrounded by golden leaves, lending a certain “archway” quality to it.
These pieces never really move, however as the show proceeds, parts of it change just a bit and suddenly make all the difference. Added to these are what look like four brown umbrellas in wooden stands, that look a lot like small bushes or trees, also brushed brown and golden.
I don’t want to give away anything that might spoil your own enjoyment of the show, but suffice it to say that all colors of autumn are utilized, and put to use at that. The creative use of uncommon items to add to the atmosphere, and the actors themselves “unfolding” the set is quite breathtaking.

The costumes:
Surprisingly refreshing! The men are all basically garbed in dark slacks and a tan-shade short. The women are in reverse, wearing black tops and tan skirts. As they enter, they all look like a solid performance group, and roam around the stage to their own music, as they find their apparel on the stage and robe themselves in the various accoutrements that are hanging around on stage. The look is full of color, flashy yet not too gaudy. Changing the placement of a cape will give an actor a new look, and they use that to emphasize a different character being portrayed. Some characters are simple and unadorned, some only need a hanky or a flaring skirt to hold your focus. Others have more elaborate costuming, but nothing beyond what is on stage to begin with. All in all, beautiful with a casual look.

The characters and the actors who play them:
The cast is comprised of 14 actors, and about 21 characters. It’s quite fun to see the actors you just saw appear as new characters. Those that make the change, do so with such alarming accuracy, that it is sometimes easy to forget another character is being played by the same actor. There is one character change done completely visible to the audience in dimmed lights, as if to show us, “Yes, we know that this is the same actor. He’s someone else now. Deal with it.” The amazing versatility of each and every one of them at showing us something they may or may not have in their inherent personality, but making us believe that they are who they say they are.

Finally, the show:
Needless to say, I liked it. This show started on a high note, literally. Singing! Music! Dancing elephants! Well, no dancing elephants, but the opening was powerful, and it only proceeded on a wild fantastical journey from that moment on. Instead of a single person “stealing the show”, it felt like about six of the characters were stealing the show when they had the chance, and then somebody else would come along and steal it right back.
The court jester, the banished duke’s daughter, the young lovers, and everyone else – they all have their spot and moment, and they do make the most of it.
The show has its twists and turns, quips and quibbles, and takes you on a journey somewhere where the trees are covered in red and yellow, somewhere that love is ever-abounding, although not always returned or recognized as such, somewhere utterly wonderful to visit, and to want to return to again someday soon.

In conclusion:
Shakespeare’s humor, which has not always been translated to modern age theater that well, combined with the guidance and production skills of a brilliant director makes this far beyond a dusty, old manuscript written in a time that is no longer. If he were alive today, I really do wonder what W.S’s response would be, and if it would be along the lines of this writer’s.

Actually, I am sure it would be. How could it be otherwise?

For those that missed it first time around:

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Random stuff.

If being madly attracted to women makes someone a lesbian, then I’m definitely one of the biggest ones out there.
Random line from an email I wrote.

My last post was intended to be the first part of a multi-part-post, but due to Purim madness, it never got around to being completed.
I was pretty bombed.

Here’s a link to the Baron Munchausen game (Purim.Con at the Booj’s): Outside link to Baron Game pix (comments in Hebrew)

Last Friday:
My lady had her actors working late (as usual) on Thursday night, and set them loose at around 11:30pm.
Next morning schedule, 8:00am sharp, everyone!
So little ol’ me, who’s been up working on setting a good friend up with the graphic software she needs, as opposed to the graphic software she had, on her laptop, ill about 2:00am, AND then the clock switched one hour ahead…..
So these poor actors only get a few hors of sleep at best.
So I figure I’d get up nice and early, collect some previously laid-out provisions, and head to a bakery near the theater. Purchase a ton of goodies, and go to the theater, set up a coffee, tea and pastry corner right outside the theater, and then the actors come a’running.
I am told that they were immeasurably pleased, and come on, most of them are friends of mine, and I figured it’d be easier on Shannon if her actors were awake and in good spirits.
So I left the theater, went downtown for some shopping and crap, got a nice haircut on the way, headed back when rehearsals were almost over, and made a stop along the way to get her a nice little bouquet of purple Kalaniyot.
So I arrive at the theater, listen to a few lines and clean up the coffee station (the pastries had mysteriously been all munched away) and await her exit.
The look on her face is so precious, that makes me feel. I’m a seriously feeling-repressed kind of person and she makes me feel. Or maybe it’s not her making me feel, just myself feeling good doing something for someone else.

I sell myself far too short, and by far my own biggest critic. I have trouble accepting gratitude for something I’ve done, but my oversized screwed-up ego will gladly take credit for something that I had nothing to do with, i.e. the rising of the sun.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
See below for the most awesome of awesome shows!
Come in droves, bring your friends!
Seriously. If you don’t…..

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For any details, please feel free to contact me, or call the Theater directly at 02-561-9165 x202