An update

Well, last week we recorded a show, that turned out pretty well, despite the technical difficulties.
I had to seriously edit it, as we had some nasty microphone issues. It came out ok.
Unfortunately, I have yet to get it up on the feed, due to the hosting web site having trouble. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon, and you will all be able to experience the joy and happiness all over again.

This past week we had a really major project to finish on a pretty slim deadline.
On Tuesday, I worked really late, so late that everyone else had left by about 2:30am, and I was still there.
When I finally finished, I gave a call, as she was still up, and we talked for a while. Eventually, dealing with the reality that I was seriously unfit for driving, I went into the office, found an empty one (nobody was going to come in and surprise me in the morning) and curled up under a desk and caught some sleep. This is at around 4:30am.

At about 8:30, the first people arriving to the office kind of freak out because it’s not locked, and the alarm is off, so they start going office to office, looking for who might be here.
They overlook the office I’m in, and an hour later, they make another sweep, and discover me, on the floor, snoring away.
As luck would have it, the CEO walks by right behind them, decides he must know what source of the major disturbance is. Yeah, it’s me.
So they leave me alone, and I wake up about 20 minutes later, and head back to work (grabbing some coffee on the way).

So that really messed up my week – so bad, read on:

I get home Wednesday at about 5:30pm, and seriously crash. I wake up at around 11, get something to drink, and go back to sleep.

Thursday night, I get home, meet up with at his new place, and we head out for dinner. Find a place on Emek, and eat an interesting dinner, drink some, and chat with a couple of gals at the bar.
We also meet Ari and Zev, and discuss possible weekend plans.
So Friday was a nice relaxed day, and Ari, Zev, Yossi and I headed out to Abu Gosh for some dinner at a place called “Abu Shukri”. Great food, and my pal Oded drops by – he and his posse are getting some take away.
We all head back to my place, fun and games, and watch Half Baked. After that, I crash.

Here’s the messed up part:
This morning I wake up at around 9:30. I walk to the kitchen blearily, grab some OJ, and look at the clock again. Realize what time it is, and start preparing for going to work.
After really waking up, and getting things together, I see the date on my phone, and realize that it’s Saturday.

Yell at myself a couple of times, and then sit down to start editing the podcast.

So today has been an “extra” day, and I feel fairly accomplished, even tho I didn’t do much.

Have fun, even if you are being eaten alive by a bear! – MTM

It’s that time again!

Ladies and gents, hold on to your hats, it’s getting wild in here!

For the upcoming Tu B’Av (Israel’s equivalent to – something similar, but not quite, like – Valentine’s day), I am happy to announce:

Saturday Night Stand – Dates of Wrath

A comedic diversion in to the world of singles and dating, brought to you by Off The Wall Comedy Empire and On the Floor Improv Troupe (that’s us – me an’ my homies).

There will be a restaurant, in Jerusalem, on a Saturday night, there will be:
Food Drinks Guys Gals Laughs Jokes
And much, much more!
Check the flyer here:

Drop me a line if you’re coming, ok?


Now THIS is just weird.
I get up, fire up my email, and have this wonderful spam mail come on in:

From: 谞讟诇讬 [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 6:35 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: FreeLove 讛讻专讬讜转 讗讞专讜转
Importance: High


讻谞住, 讻谉 , 讛讗 , 讻谉 , 讗讛讛 , 讝讛 讟讜讘 , 注讜讚 ,
讻谉 , 讗讛 讗讛 , 讻谞住 , 注讜讚 驻注诐 , 讻谉 , 讗讛 , 讻谞住 , 讗诪讗 ,
讻谉 讻谞住 , 注讜讚 , 讗诇讜讛讬诐 , 讻谉谉谉 , 讗讛 讗讛 , 讗讛讛 , 注讜讚 , 注诪讜拽 ,
注讜讚, 讻谞住 , 讻谉, 讗讜讜 , 讻谞住 , 讻谉 , 讻谞住 , 讻谉 , 讗讛 , 讻谉 , 讗讛讛 , 讝讛 讟讜讘 , 注讜讚 ,
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讻谉 , 讗讛 讗讛 , 讗讛讛 , 注讜讚 , 注讜讚 , 讻谞住 , 讻谉谉谉谉谉 , 讗讜讜 , 讻谞住 , 讻谉 , 讻谞住 , 讻谉 ,
讗讛 , 讻谉 , 讗讛讛 , 讝讛 讟讜讘 , 注讜讚 , 讻谉 , 讗讛 讗讛 , 讻谞住 , 注讜讚 驻注诐 , 讻谉…

                                                         专讜爪讛 注讜讚 ?

                                                        讻谞住讬 诇
                                                        讛讻专讜讬讜转 “诪注诪讬拽讜转”.

Now, for those who don’t read Hebrew, or for those who just want to laugh a bit, I have used my own wonderful powers of translation to provide you with something that might make some sense:

From: Natalie [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 6:35 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: FreeLove Other Acquaintances
Importance: High

Enter, yes, uhh, yes, ahh, that’s good, more,
yes, unh unh, enter, again, yes, ahh, enter, mommy,
yes enter, more, god, yessss, ah ah, unh, more, deep,
more, enter, yes, ohh, enter, yes, enter, yes, ah, yes, ahh, that’s good, more,
yesss, ah unh, enter, again, yes, ah, enter, mommy, yes, enter, more, god,
Yes, ah ah, ahh, more, more, enter, yesss, ohh, enter, yes, enter, yes,
Ah, yes, ahh, that’s good, more, yes, ah ah, enter, again, yes….

Want more?
Enter [blah blah site]
“Deep” Relationships

NOW, please don’t comment on the quality of my translation.
I just found it extremely funny that we are now spamming sexy TV commercials that show at about 3AM as emails, writing out a scene.
Also, think about what it would look like if you’re a non-native like me. Another visual interpretation of the “Hebrew word “enter” is…… “convention”! So someone is really hard up for some serious convention relief.
Go ahead. Laugh. Out loud. It doesn’t hurt.

I have to say this… BE WARNED!

So I’m hard at work today, sitting at my desk, when I notice a smell…
I get up and walk further into my shared office, and my boss, all the way at the other end of the room, had cut a really bad one.
Now, he actually cut it on the other side of the office complex, and it followed him down the hall, past the receptionist, took a right turn, and followed him all the way back to his desk.
Needless to say, the other two guys and I barely escaped the room on time, and we dashed for the kitchen, where we proceeded to make many jokes, and I was laughing so hard, I was tearing up.
I realized, no matter how mature, how old, how posh, appropriate, gentlemanly etc etc I ever get, some things never change. Farts are funny. I mean, it was worse than a biohazard area in there!
It felt good to laugh that hard.
Try it sometime.

Oh, and ladies, if you didn’t hear my latest podcast, do us all a favor, and look around you. If there’s another woman there, kiss her. It doesn’t matter if there’s a man gawking at you or not. Spread the love, we’ll feel it in the fabric of the universe.