Blog Tech

So I’ve started using all this technology and thought I’d write down what’s going on.

I signed up for a hosting account with and that seems to be ok. It’s decent, and although many people advise using other hosting providers, I thought I’d check them out, as I’ve used them before. Maybe in a year from now I’ll change, but for now it seems that they provide the desired functionality.

I’m using WordPress2.0.5 2.1 2.1.1 to run the blog, and it seems nice and straightforward so far.

Here’s a list of plugins I’m currently using:

The theme in use is named “Buryy 1.0”, Ported by Sreejith from Buryy designed by J David Macor. I have made my own customizations and improvements on the theme and I quite like it.

This list was updated on 2007-02-12.